BTS’s Jungkook is the only idol to top the brand reputation ranking

jungkook In bts es uno de los idols del kpop The most coveted of the past few months, and a new ranking of brand reputation that has come out shows that Korean Business Research Institute, it is true that the army has created an uproar through Las Redes social media, because it is not so easy to top this list. a great achievement.

what was taken care of Compilation This month’s classifications were analysis and consumer participation index, interaction and awareness of the community of over 1500 idols, and of course the coverage of various media of communication and entertainment, which has unquestionably ranked the member by BTS, Jungkook. To all Prestigious since last month.

According to reports, the artist’s Brand Reputation Index is 4,484,639, which means it has increased. 11.24% In the past month’s score, and the phrase words that most affected their condition, «Seven,youtube” And “Field, This could be because of its recent debut ‘Seven’, which has already caused controversy for its explicit version, and has gone viral at an alarming speed.

On the other hand, Jisoo In black pink Jungkook is right behind with an index of 3,696,320, showing an increase of 5.34%. Jimin I stood third with 3,259,257 marks, however, the idol who registered a higher percentage growth in the previous month was just like that by Girls’ Generation, with an increase in 167.17% It ranks fifth on the list with 2,904,464 points in its Brand Reputation Index.

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