Britney Spears hosts “Fiesta de Divorso”, surrounded by shirtless men

A few days later she was captured with an obviously affected face and after declaring that she could no longer bear the pain of separation from her husband. Sam Asghari, Britney Spears He reappears on social networks to show the celebration that he was surrounded by five friends who held his arms while he was shirtless and until one of them, that of Lamio La Pierna was, only four days after the singer’s expérenza had official news that I had requested Divorce A la “Princesa del Pop”, it is believed that, dare I say, the celebration was organized to escape reality.

Britney did it again, even though she didn’t try to hide the pain that caused her breakup with Sam Asghari, yes, their marriage only lasted 14 months, their engagement lasted more than six years, singer attention It’s doing the right thing to distract yourself and not think about the problems that have beset your relationship in recent weeks, according to international sources, or as reported in a series of publications that you’ve read this week. Finally shared on your social network.

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“When you’re visiting a supposed “friend” and handling an hour per kid, you have to wait in the coach and use the bathroom,” begin the post you Instagrammed. shared where you also indicated that someone close to him warned him. Paparazzi present at Dave’s Hot Chicken, a fried chicken restaurant located in Oxnard, California, assured that the vehicle it was taken in was new, as there was no way they could identify it as their property.

“Do you know Papa (the paparazzi) was warned because that coach had never been used before… So, how come I followed him? Malibu Canyon Road is the scariest road you’ll ever drive on can…”, he highlights, while a before-publication image shows one of his friends as he mentions the name “Dave”, lunging at Pierna, while The person filming the images makes him commit the act.

And while the 41-year-old singer paused, as ever, to explain how annoying the press harassment feels, he resumed his story to highlight how a sad night turned into a celebratory one. The evening turned “Daily Mail”, one of the first media to publish the news designated as “divorce fest”, may have happened in the past when her husband, Sam Asghari, publicly stated that he had married the Grammy winner. Divorce was requested for maintaining irreconcilable differences with.

As “TMZ” reports, a source close to the 29-year-old actor revealed that, before making the decision to divorce Britney, he struggled with the timing and the problems that arose within their relationship, above all, when the singer Began to become more aggressive in her dealings with other people, leading to verbal and physical assaults similar to those she had lashed out against her husband According to speculation, since they began their engagement, she has married seven However, at the start of the year, she is shocked when Brittany proposes to Sam while she sleeps, causing the model to distance herself from the relationship as she fears what her partner is capable of.

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In this framework, Spears has also been honest, assuring that she had no idea that her marriage could go wrong, to the extent that her husband requested a divorce, for which he was already in pain. She couldn’t cope and Aunak had a celebration that would reveal that she isn’t so sad, in fact, the people who found themselves around her, including her family, reacted to the breakup the way they did. Has expressed concern for her, assuring that she feels only her Sam. On the other hand, the singer controlled her impulses.

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