Britney Spears celebrates her divorce in Malibu: “Invite my favorite boys over and play all night” | news from mexico

We. After 6 years of engagement and 14 months of marriage, Britney Spears or Sam Asghari They decided to draw up papers for their divorce, bringing with them many rumors about possible infidelity on the part of Asgari, as well as tricks to get money from the singer.

Although the interpreter of “If You Seek Amy” has not commented on these speculations, he has announcedPeople must “love unconditionally and under conditions” and promise to remain optimistic during the process.,

It will be as strong as you can and hey lo mejor que pueda!!! And it’s really cool !!! Anyway, have a nice day and don’t forget to smile,” the singer wrote on her Instagram account last summer.

Immediately, a large portion of her followers thought Britney was just trying to be optimistic, but they were wrong when La Princesa del Pop revealed this Sunday that your night was incredible During a party at a friend’s house.

¡¡¡When you are visiting a so-called “friend” and you manage one hour per chicken!!! Then you have to wait in the coach and use the shower… Do you know papa (paparazzi) was warned as coach was never used before… So, how I followed it ? Malibu Canyon Road is the most terrifying road you could ever drive on…” Britney wrote.

¿¿¿¿¿¡ Your focus is with you once again!!??! I put on my green dress and head over to my friend’s house! ¡¡¡Invite my favorite boys and jugue toda la night!!!”, she finished.

in the same way, I added a video in which she is seen wearing a beautiful green dress and is carried by a group of her friends,

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