Bad Bunny and Gael Garcia in a new scene from LGBT-themed freestyle wrestling biopic “Cassandro”

The story of Saul Armendriz, an amateur gay fighter from El Paso, rises to world stardom after becoming the persona of Cassandro, El “Liberas de la Lucha Libre”. (first video)

in an environment where lucha libre A man dominated by masculinity dared to challenge the status quo: Saul ArmandrizCassandro, the man behind the mask (also known as “El Libres de la Lucha Libre”). last biographical drama of prime video, cassanderIf you enter the life of this protagonist, and a new look reveals your protagonist’s relationship, Gael Garcia BernalWith the personality that plays urban singer bad bunny,

García Bernal, best known for his roles in films such as love dogs or and you too mom, fully delve into Quad’s world to portray Saul. From his beginnings as an amateur gay fighter in El Paso to his rise to world stardom, the storyline captures the essence of a man who was not afraid to be himself. and, to be honest, in a universe body toss or headlockThis is a huge achievement.

Gael Garcia Bernal and Bad Bunny, an unlikely pairing in the biographical drama about the life of Saul Armendrez (Prime Video)

Armendriz’s journey was not limited to just wrestling moves and championship belts. It was about breaking down barriers. cassander This marks his transformation into a character who became an icon for the community LGBTQ+ And who faced the discrimination and intolerance of the time. However, contrary to all predictions, he won the Universal Association of Lucha Libre’s World Ligero Championship in 1992.

It should be noted that the darkest chapters of Cassandro’s life are not covered in the film. From his battle with addiction to the harsh realities of the sport, Bernal’s portrayal is raw and unfiltered. When some critics questioned that he portrayed a gay character as a heterosexual, the actor defended his choice. In his words, actors should have the freedom to step into any role regardless of their personal identity.

The Rise, Fall, and Resurgence of an LGBTQ+ Icon in “Cassandro.” (first video)

“I’ve never explained myself, you know. Y que soy es siempre alguin que cambia. I’ve all had bisexual, gay, trans personalities in some way or the other and I’ve used them to interpret different personalities. It’s so complicated and it’s really cool that we can do this. This is a victory for humanity”, I say indiewire,

Behind the camera, Roger Ross Williams, the first African American to win an Oscar for Best Documentary Short, is in the director’s chair. In addition, the production mattered with the participation of professional Mexican fighter El Hijo del Santo and Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, better known as Bad Bunny.

“Conejo Malo” has changed: Bad Bunny faces new challenges in cinema. (Reuters/Andrew Kelly)

The famous “Conejo Malo” was initially known as a trap and reggaeton singer of Latin origin, but he also ventured into acting parallel to his music career. Benito Tuvo Su Primer Roll N Narcos: Mexicoa television series adapted from original fiction narcos, also integrated the artists of bullet train, where I hate the lives of the adversaries Brad Pitt faces. In return, I was selected to act el muerto, a Marvel production developed by Sony Pictures; Eventually the project was cancelled.

cassander will reach prime video 22nd September promises to be much more than a breathtaking film.

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