‘Artificial intelligence worries us all very much’: Michael Douglas

Auenke inherited the popularity of Father Kirk Douglas, much to Michael Douglas’ fame television series when he starred in five seasons of Las Calles de San Francisco in the 1970s.

Later, he moved into the world of cinema with Wall Street Classics with Oliver Stone, Fatal Attraction with Glenn Close or Low Instincts with Sharon Stone.

With the advent of streaming, he returned to series with three seasons of The Kominsky Method on Netflix, now with two historical characters to multiply: eight episodes of Franklin filmed in France with Apple TV+, where he played 70 played the role of Benjamin. Franklin managed to persuade the French to financially support the independence of the United States during

In parallel, he would compete with Paramount+’s same one, who interpreted Ronald Reagan in his dramatic encounter with politician Mikhail Gorbachev in Iceland in 1986.

With pure Hollywood blood running through his veins, it’s clear that Michael Douglas has his roots in the world of cinema, much more than just being the son of the great Kirk Douglas and husband of Catherine Zeta-Jones. and in an unusual interview shavingsThe current conflict between the cast of actors and writers and the debate over the controversial use of artificial intelligence, because it did not know when its pair of programs would premiere and not being able to promote by union signs, decided to touch on That’s a problem for actors trying to land a deal in Hollywood and the big studios that turn the business around.

What do you think of the great debate between cinema and streaming platforms?

Reality is on the streaming platform today. Son las que están haciendo cine y con suerte está puedes achieves this by contract that they also promise to go to a room first. Ann Francia S. Lay. But you can’t underestimate streaming, treat it as if it was just television because there are no commercials. My experience with Netflix and the comedy The Kominsky Method was amazing.

Which side are you on for actors and writers who want to get on the streaming platform?
Cadenas’s Television used to pay you before streaming, not just for your work because it leaves you with what they call a residual, with a commitment to pay you when the show comes back to deliver repeats. But with streaming there are no ads and it’s almost like a movie. The streaming platform basically pays for your services, cine productions and everything. They pay you more, but that’s where it ends.

Do you believe the studios will agree to the actors and screenwriters?

I believe they will find a solution, but there are too many questions to answer. The problem is that streaming platforms are spending a lot of money and trying to cut back, but the money is still going to even the biggest stars and content, not necessarily writers.

And on the topic discussed with actors about artificial intelligence, where can studios use an actor’s image without paying them for a performance created with it?

And if it’s another topic, then artificial intelligence worries us all very much. Such that on one hand I can easily see how to create a hologram or I can change myself to any age, I can customize my voice and things like that. There are problems with license, permission. I don’t understand where you can end all this. Some other benefits associated with social media began to emerge after the creation of the monster. I think you are also going through something similar. I have a feeling this is going to be a huge problem, but I believe maybe, unless it allows us to travel into the future, burn up our iPads, and be able to talk to me 30 years ago.

Has the advent of social media changed the fame and popularity of film stars?

Muchissimo. Before we could keep more secrets (from famous people), we could coordinate peaceful meetings between us, without involving anyone. This is something you could do with Leonardo DiCaprio. Just look at someone and people start texting, and when you tell them there are 100 or a thousand people who know where you are. We no longer have the freedom we used to have.

Did being the son of another movie star like Kirk Douglas get you used to living in fame?
With its incredible success for its dynamism and worldwide attention, it was very difficult to enter the same career as my father. We talked about the 50s when there was no television and actors had five, six or seven films a year. I feel like I’m working all the time. And as a kid, I felt like I wasn’t getting the attention I deserved. But as I grew up, I had children of my own and when I look back, I am sad to know that my father didn’t do so badly at his job.

Have you ever sat down to compare your father’s success with your father’s?

My pastor’s career started with wise men roles, until he made The Champion, a completely different character, and it turned his career around. In my case, I too had to play the roles of the wise men until I grew tired of them and sought attention as a Wall Street villain. The film was in bad shape and when I won the Oscar, I felt like it was my moment. Till then I always felt that I was being compared to my priest, whether good or bad. El Oscar allowed me to step out from his shadow.

And the other side of the family with Catherine Zeta-Jones?

With my wife, Catherine, we are very united. My daughter Carys is also an amazing actress, but I can’t imagine myself as third generation with the same pressures of fame. La Familia means a lot to me, I don’t like it when I’m alone.

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¿Y la familia de Hollywood? Do you keep in touch with the actors who have supported you in many of your successes or is authentic friendship in the real world of cinema also a fantasy?

I am still in touch and I am very friendly with all the actors I work with, except one who I will not name. It is a union that arises when you have shared it for so long, it is something very special. Sure, there are some war stories, but they’re like a little family on and off camera. During that period, for 2 or 6 months, we are all very united. Of course, after that we left, but we always see each other again. Matt Damon watches it all the time, as do Rob Lowe, Steven Soderbergh, and Kathleen Turner. I believe one is basing the friendship on the good memories of the movies that did run, but when it doesn’t go that well, you forget about all that.

What aspect of acting would you say you enjoy least?

I’ve always felt more comfortable hiding behind characters and it took little time to accept the prospect of showing me how I am.


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