Anita claims she was the first person to be canceled in Brazil

Singer is in Brazil and is participating in many interviews.

Renowned Brazilian singer Anita, who has conquered the world with her music and adorable personality, recently revealed how she deals with negative comments and the famous ‘haters’. in an exclusive interview for newspaper o globeO, the artist shared his perspective on his maturity journey in front of the public and how he faced adversity throughout his career.

“I was the first to be canceled in Brazil, when the term did not yet exist, and I matured in front of the public”He said Anita Clearly. The singer is referring to the difficult moments of her trajectory, in which, long before the word ‘cancellation’ was widely known, she was the target of severe criticism and attacks online.

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The artist emphasized that, in a way, these rejections and criticisms helped him grow and become stronger. “In a way, the cancellation helped me become stronger, and even paved the way”where did it go Anita, Instead of getting beaten up by critics, she used these experiences as motivation to move forward in her career.

Anita He also mentioned a specific episode in his life when he had to face a barrage of negative comments. “I was criticized when I got plastic surgery done. At that time, my mother forbade me to watch TV as they were killing me on every channel., recalled the singer. She highlighted how social media culture has changed since then, with many people nowadays openly sharing their experiences with plastic surgery.

Furthermore, Anita mentioned an incident at one of her concerts in which an object was thrown towards her, and she reacted energetically. “And when he threw a can at me on the show and I ended up with that person? I thought my life was over’accepted Anita. However, he compared the situation to recent incidents involving other celebrities such as rapper cardi b, who also faced similar circumstances. He added, “Today, Cardi B threw a mic at the woman who threw water on her, and that’s okay.” Anita, He highlights how perceptions about celebrity actions have changed over time.

However, despite his achievements and international success, Anita Admitted that, even at the time, he viewed himself as a man of humble origins. This perspective helped him stay connected to his roots and better understand the journey that brought him here.

Anita’s story is a lesson in resilience and determination, highlighting how she used challenges and criticism throughout her career as springboards for personal and professional growth. She continues to inspire millions of fans around the world with her music and her unwavering attitude in the face of adversity.

In a world increasingly obsessed with social media, Anita’s story serves as a reminder that the power to persevere and reinvent oneself, regardless of criticism and ‘haters’, lies in the hands of each individual .

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