Analysis of Immortals of Aveum. He didn’t manage to shine with graphics, but the controls are a lot of fun

The magical shooter from EA Originals and Ascendant Studios changes nothing and has some technical issues, but we enjoyed it

In addition to being a transatlantic company with engines as powerful and reliable as EA Sports FC, Madden or Apex Legends, Electronic Arts has been releasing video games of all genres for some time now. Under the cover of the program EA Originalsthe company releases such things as the ingenious It Takes Two by Josef Fares, the more normal Lost in Random or the beautiful Unravel and Unravel 2. Well, the new addition is nothing more, nothing less Immortals of Aveum.

Founded by veterans of franchises such as Dead Space or Call of Duty, including game director Brett Robbins, Ascendant Studios is behind the action-adventure shooter. Because yes, even if you don’t see firearms, Immortals and Magni are basically magical marines that fire spells from their hands.

If there is a mod in video games that hits hard, it’s shooting without a weapon, with your hands. This path continues Jack, the protagonist of Immortals of Aveum. The character is playing Darren Barnettthe mythical Paxton from the Netflix teen saga I Never, and that if you’re not into Mindy Kaling’s world, she might sound familiar because she promoted the game at events like Summer Game Fest.

After a dramatic event in his youth, Jack discovers that has the ability to wield all three types of magic, something really rare… And useful on the battlefield. This is important, because in the world of Aveum the war lasted so long that there were almost no memories of it. The two great superpowers (Lucium and Rasharn) clash relentlessly as the world continues to decay, create magic-hungry beasts, and in short, heading for a cataclysm.

Darren Barnett says “Never” to his first video game

Jaku will have to change his life and become a soldier of Lucium.

This is where Jak comes in, who will rise through the ranks in Lucium’s army, meeting characters such as The General Kirkan or his immortal companions zendara And Devin, and unraveling the secrets that are hidden from ordinary peasants and ordinary soldiers. All this with dialogue that sometimes focuses on fantasy and epic, but this they never lose sight of the most wonderful humor typical of American action movies.

For this reason, some characters may be more burdensome to you, and some scenes are somewhat over the top in tone. However, I believe that the weight given to each of the main characters is positive, which allows them to not be mere troupes and have a place on the screen. Don’t expect Mass Effect, but for an adventure shooter, that’s okay.

Of course, I must say that the Spanish dub seems to me not up to par, even remotely from the original in English. The level of the voice actors is very different from each other, creating moments that completely take you out of the game. I played it in English and it’s pretty good, but I understand that not everyone may like the subtitles.

A shooter with magic, it’s easy

But let’s move on to the gameplay. During my game I was very reminiscent of High on Life, a game released at the beginning of the year by Squanch Games. Let me explain: a shooter with a peculiar weapon and the essence of metroidvania, as new abilities allow you to reach new areas and get improvements.

Jak has three types of weapons or basic spells.. Red, which works like a shotgun or heavy weapon, blue, based on accuracy, and green, which prioritizes shots per second. We can change and improve them throughout the game, but in essence we will have a shotgun, a rifle and a submachine gun.

In addition, we will have a whip with which you can attract enemies, a potion that slows down opponents, and a mirror that shoots lightning that breaks shields. And all of these tools have a function when it comes to exploring or solving the little puzzles that Immortals of Aveum offers us.

And if we’re going gun game clean if you let me license, the truth is that each weapon feels very good. Maybe I lack precision, but the game is more about being shooter Doom-style arena, which is a shooting game with lighting and the need to fine-tune the shot.

As if that wasn’t enough, we have a special spell panel that allows us to launch guided missiles, hit an area, or even send a shockwave across the ground. In addition to improving his arsenal, Jak gains skill points as he levels up and can power up his normal shots, as well as more powerful spells, or more mundane things like armor or magic shield.

And then there are enemies who fulfill the bulletin, but are not as diverse as we would like. Of course, the game is smart when it comes to considering different fights and encourages you to keep moving forward like a turret using mixes of all the minion types it has.

You need patches to improve the technical section

Partner Jack doesn’t have the best face.

On a technical level, we have a few remarks.. For starters, this is one of the first video games to use Unreal Engine 5.1, it’s full of graphics technology for light and texture processing, and Ascendant Studios has put a lot of emphasis on it. It has good parts and not so good parts.

There are certain cinematic scenes and effects such as magic weapons that are very effective. However, as someone who has been playing video games for decades now, I see things that are typical of what happened two generations ago with Unreal Engine itself, such as somewhat belated loading of textures or character models that look like plastic dolls.

Similarly, we had problems with shadows in PS5 shared by other analysts; something that’s especially important when the game doesn’t have the ability to tweak this type of issue on the console. IN xbox series x the experience was satisfactory in this case, but we experienced occasional dips in frames when the graphic load and the number of enemies increased at certain points.

Ascendant Studios has taken note of these issues and we have been notified of the existence of a day one patch with important improvements in game memory usage, fixing all sorts of bugs on each platform, and even tweaking some cutscenes.

While the story is fairly current and typical, some of the dialogue is too forced to adapt to a comedic tone, and the optional missions and objectives end up being repetitive, I have to say that I enjoyed Immortals of Aveum. I’m sure it won’t change anything and it’s not close to being one of the best games of the year, but if they manage to fix those technical issues, we’re ahead. a more than worthy first game from a new studio.

Immortals of Aveum is an enjoyable game that may appeal to players of a certain profile and fans of the action genre. During our analysis, we found technical issues that we were promised to fix with the first day patch and subsequent updates, but there are also graphical gaps in some sections of the title. It’s funny, but you need to know why you’re going.

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  • The plot is fantasy, but played like a shooter.

  • On a graphical level, there is a big difference between different moments of the game.

  • Humorous tone sneaks into almost all videos.

  • The plot will take you 23 hours, but there is secondary content and an epilogue with an endgame.

  • The Spanish dub pales in comparison to the subtitled original.

See file Immortals of Aveum

Players: 1

Language: Texts and voices in Spanish.

Duration: 23-40 hours

See system requirements

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