Alejandro Sanz shares the best news about his mental health

After a hard time marked it mental health downturn, Alejandro Sanz seems to be picking his way out of his potholeand he wanted to share it with all his followers.

And the fact is that last May all the alarms around the singer went off after a cryptic tweet: “Sometimes I don’t even want to be there,” he wrote to his almost 20 million followers on the renamed social network. X .

Shortly thereafter, his breakup with Rachel Valdez came, and after that rough moment, it seems like the singer is much more recovered now. At least that’s what is extracted from it a new message on the same social network, much more optimistic and hopeful.

Alejandro Sanz puts everyone at ease with his latest message

The singer said that he lives “A moment of incredible personal learning. This is the most amazing journey I have ever taken in my life,” adding that it is also “the most difficult, but it takes me to the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen on my inner planet.”

As for putting yourself in the hands of professionals, Sans is clear about this, and on this occasion he addressed his audience with the following words: “Cheer up … know yourself and don’t listen to the stand-up comedian who lives in your head and talks nonsense. Remember that joy is an attitude and happiness is a utopian state of mind. Good night, wherever you are.”

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