Adele breaks down after revealing gender of couple’s baby during video concert

During her last performance in Las Vegas, Adele couldn’t hold back tears after accepting a request from a pair of bridesmaids. “Fue un honor hacer esso”, he says.

Adele is one of the most successful British singers of recent years. In this sense, the singer comes this 2023 for her ‘Weekends with Adele’ tour, scheduled from June to November and is expected to be the best of her career. However, it was the special moments spent at his concerts that stirred emotions from the iconic 35-year-old artist.

Last Saturday, August 12, during her last performance in Las Vegas, Adele couldn’t hold back her tears and then granted a wish to some newlyweds who asked her to know the sex of their baby.

In a video published on Tik Tok, Adele is seen talking to the bride, who told the story that she has already suffered 18 months of embarrassment. Then, the bride gave the certificate to the singer as to where the gender of her next child was. “So, Chantel and Chris are about to have a baby”, the artist expressed, provoking screams and applause from the audience.

Tears welled up in Adele’s eyes at a live concert. , Source: Instagram (Adele)

Adele reveals the gender of a couple’s baby during her concert. , Source: Tiktok (Adele Colombia)

Adele apologizes for crying during concert

Asimismo, the couple were overjoyed that Adele was the only person who was fully aware of the embarrassment, hugging the singer who couldn’t hold back tears.

“I’m so happy for you. It’s amazing. I feel so much. It’s so moving. Thank you, fue un honor hecer esso, fue charme. Best wishes, congratulations. I have an 11-year-old. Yes heciron Su Vida. Enjoy the rest of the show guys. Thank you, thank you”, as Adele left the stage.

On the other hand, many users have highlighted the emotional moment that Adele lived during her concert, as well as my expressions with the couple. “Do you imagine teaching a video to a child when they grow up and decide: Adele reveals my gender?”, “Best possible revelation”, “She’s too human, too humble”, “Definitely, my queen is an angel”, “Dios mio, I got mesmerized by Adele’s vibes”, were some of the comments.

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