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Britney Spears announces she will release a memoir titled i think this is for meguarantees that it will tell “a brave and incredibly moving story about independence, fame, motherhood, survival, faith and hope”.

According to an Adelento of the magazine People, the book will be published 24 October by Gallery Books, from publishing giant Simon & Schuster, and on the cover you can see a black and white photograph of the singer covering herself in her youth with her bare torso, in profile and from the front. It is visible.

Britney Spears and her new book

On the book’s website, a description resumes what happened in 2021: “El Mundo Antero hears Britney Spears speak in a courtroom”.

This entry refers to the period in which the singer was subjected to a legal guardianship that controlled her finances and her private life for nearly 14 years, and from which she was released by court order before social pressure from thousands of fans. was done.

“The impact of sharing your voice—your truth—was undeniable, and it changed the course of your life and the lives of countless others.

As per the teaser of the publication, i think this is for me It would highlight the adversity Spears has faced over the course of more than a decade and expose “the inner fortress of one of the greatest artists in pop music history”.

If so, the text will discuss a number of topics related to the violence experienced by the artist of Sometimes, the book will have “outstanding candor and humor” that aims to “demonstrate the enduring power of music and love and its importance”. to expose”. A woman tells her own story, on her own terms.

Two years later the ‘Free Britney’ movement will reach its zenith, said Jennifer Bergstrom, senior vice president and publisher of Gallery Books. People who hope the memoir will have “the same effect” as Spears’ testimony in court and predict she will be converted “In the editorial program of the year”.

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