What is the most played podcast in Apple Argentina today

If you don’t know what else to listen to, this list will help you not get lost in Apple’s wide variety of podcasts and music. (infobay)

Podcasts are audio products that are available via archive or streaming platforms, as is the case with Apple and One of its great advantages is that the user can listen to it whenever and as many times as he wants.,

As in the new millennium, people can stay updated with their country’s news, have communication media applications or watch movie catalogs from their cell phones, they can also enjoy Listen to news, stories, reports, interviews etc. Without the need to be connected to your screen via your mobile devices and with the possibility of doing other tasks at the same time.

1. Report in English with Duolingo

Improve your knowledge of your English and the English-speaking world with interesting real-life stories told in easy-to-understand English and comments in Spanish to help with the context. The best way to learn a language, created by Duolingo. Presented by Diana Gameros in association with Adonde Media.

2. Psychology al desnudo | psi.mammolitis

El Desnudo stems from the idea of ​​bringing psychology to everyone interested in the psychology field and, above all, from a passion for all topics related to mental health. Episode by episode, clinical psychologist Marina Mammoliti, will take a look at I. Return to topics that concern people at this time, shed light on them, and walk with you in the direction of goodness. Podcast by psi.mammoliti |

3. Between Us

Entrenosotros with Mate Guasconi, Martu Ortiz, Manu Dones and Domi Faena i Escuchanos en vivo todos los lunes, Martes and Jueves de 17 a 19 h por youtube and twitch de luzu tv.

4. Venganzas del Pastado

All programs of “La Venganza Will Be Terrible” by Alejandro Dolina in Mp3.

5. Pulse Says Nothing

Nadidisnada with Nico Ochiato, Flor Jazmin Peña, Nati Jota and Nacho Elizalde. Now we are with you in podcast format as well. Escuchanos en vivo on YouTube, Monday to Friday from 10am to 1pm.

6. The Resident by Hernan Cattaneo

Podcast of Hernan Cattaneo

7. Books for Entrepreneurs

Each episode is condensed into a handy book for entrepreneurs or for those who want to be there someday. Business Books, Marketing, Sales, Motivation, Inspiration, Education, Personnel Management, Public Speaking, Financial Management, Relationships and Networking. A podcast by Luis Ramos, entrepreneur, businessman and personal branding expert. With over 40 million downloads, Books for Entrepreneurs is the most listened-to business podcast in the world. Look

8. Type of Jacinta d’Oromi

Literally take this as a voice note sent to you via Whats App: Raw, improvised and full of type, lol hablame por cualquier laterale si tenes un tema que te gustaria hablar

9. Gold

Goodbye to insomnia! Sleeping is a podcast that will help you relax and harmonize sleep through exercises and meditations that will help reduce your anxiety and stress. Stay with us all night and give your comfort the importance it deserves. Produced by Dudas Media and produced by Reglan Dudas.siguenos n

10. Dua Lipa: At Your Service

You know Dua Lipa as a singer, writer, film lover, bookworm and inquisitive mind. Now, she’s adding podcaster to her resume. Dua Lipa: At Your Service is an interview series filled with inspiring stories and tools, tips and recommendations learned and shared by some of the most exciting minds in the world who are making a difference not only in their industries but in culture at large Bringing revolution. From fashion to music, literature to activism, at your service guests will delve into the successes, failures and roadblocks, and what we can learn from them. Hang on, because we will be with you..

*Some details may not be available as the platform does not provide them.

With its services, Apple is looking to dominate the streaming war as well. (Reuters/Mike Sager)

Streaming platforms have acted as a trickle of water for them podcastThanks to them, users can enjoy these audio presentations whenever they want and as many times as they want.

Like its great rival Spotify, La Manzanita’s company does not lag behind and is reckoned with apple podcast serviceThe one that wants to establish itself in the choice of bad users.

Podcasts have become so important that the company has won the Apple Podcast Award, which recognizes its “Best Show of the Year”,

in 2022 The winner of this award was the producer of “Slow Burn” for the Roe v. Wade season, which describes the 1973 controversy, when a national debate over the legalization of abortion began.

“Apple Podcasts is where users discover new shows, enjoy their favorites, unlock great listening experiences and support the creators who make them possible”, said Apple’s Music and Beats says vice president, Oliver Schusser.

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