Vigo researches how to improve cancer protection

This is not about curing breast cancer, but about helping women who suffer from it and have already undergone traditional treatment. to improve your immune system and promote your subsequent recovery. The study involved about 200 women.

Group of Genetic Oncology, Radiobiology and Radio Interactions from the Health Research Institute Galicia Sur Health is participating in this research project called “Microimmunomamm: Development of new nutritional supplements capable of modulating the immune response and gut microbiota and exploring their benefits in breast cancer.“. As they explain, the goal is “to study biomarkers in breast cancer patients who were given mushroom-derived nutraceuticals to analyze their ability to modulate gut microbiota and immune function in the face of this disease after conventional treatment had ended with radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

The microimmunomam, which began in July 2020 and is due to end this December, is funded by the State Research Agency of the Ministry of Science and Innovation with about one million euros.

Biotechnology company Hifas da Terra, as a coordinating organization; Leitat technology center in Barcelona and IIS Galicia Sur through its biomedical foundation, collaboration in the analysis of the functional validity of a nutraceutical compound produced by the aforementioned Hifas da Terra. This compound, Mico-Mama 2.0, was developed from medicinal mushroom extracts with the potential to influence the gut microbiota and stimulate the immune response to improve the evolution and recovery of breast cancer patients.

Use of natural nutraceuticals against fungi as a treatment based on research that concerns the impact of microbiota status with the development of some pathologies, which has led to an increase in related biomedical research in recent years.

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