UAdeC will know the state of mental health in which new students enter

The Autonomous University of Coahuila will receive in September the results of physical and mental health examinations of almost 10,000 new students in order to specifically learn about the various mental problems in young university students, which, based on the experience of previous years, they are presented in various degrees of severity.

The general secretary of this institution, Victor Manuel Sanchez Valdes, commented that the goal is, starting from discovery, to offer a timely solution to the problems that students of different schools and faculties have.

“There was a very large study last semester to identify mental health issues, and we have a very large threshold of students who have problems ranging from moderate to severe,” he said.

He said that these surveys not only make people aware of illnesses, but also that schools are focusing on working with students with problems.

Noting that many of the high school students have already been seen with “some anxiety and bipolar disorder,” they should now focus on the freshmen.

“We have an initial survey that is being applied to new students, which is a physical examination, and the results should be published in a month to give them timely follow-up care.


  • The Autonomous University of Coahuila has 38,000 students.
  • 10 thousand is new income
  • In November 2022, 3,400 people were surveyed.
  • Depression or anxiety was found in 55 percent of them (DAVID GONZÁLEZ/INFONOR)


David Gonzalez |  infonor

David Gonzalez | infonor

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