Twitter/X removed photos from posts from before 2014

OX, the social network once called Twitter, comes up with something new every day, usually one that annoys its users. This time it was found that the photographs from the publications prior to 2014 had been removed. Was it a “bug” or was a new cleanup started?

Users say this is "more vandalism" from Elon Musk

The social network X, formerly known as Twitter until the recent rebranding, has a display problem. posts Old ones that had attached images or links were converted with Twitter's built-in URL shortener.

It is not known for certain when the problem started, but there have already been complaints, including from Tom Cosettes, who also alleges vandalism by Elon Musk.

Obviously this problem will affect tweets Published before December 2014Judging by the posts visible on our own account, as you can see here,

With respect to other multimedia content, Twitter only added native support for images in 2011 and integrated video in 2016, but links to YouTube, for example, are now text-only with a non-functioning URL.

Yesterday, Saturday afternoon, according to some evidence, the flaw removed the image of one of the most famous tweets of all time (at the time they were still called tweets), a selfie posted by 2014 Oscars presenter Ellen DeGeneres. was accompanied by celebrities such as Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and others during the show's broadcast.

As reported at the time, the image instantly became "the most retweeted ever" on the platform, with over 2 million shares.

As of press time, we haven't seen any public comments from owner Elon Musk or ex-CEO Linda Yacarino regarding the issue, but sometime late Saturday night/Sunday morning, famous photo from this post has been restored.

Despite speculation that this may have been an intentional cost-saving measure on Musk's part, the fact that some media outlets were not affected indicates some sort of error or mishandling that may have been involved in the acquisition and last year's massive Redundancies have since come to light. ,

There is also at least one other older Tweeted image that still works - posted on the Twitter account. President Barack Obama He and the First Lady hug after she won her re-election campaign in 2012.

It is not clear whether that image was manually restored, but it was still visible on Saturday afternoon, it was reported.

The timing of the images and link cuts appears to be related to changes Twitter made in 2016, when it added "enhanced URLs" to show previews of linked sites and original attachments that didn't meet Twitter's 140-character limit. Used to do

According to programmer documentationThe metadata for these additions "began to emerge" in December 2014.

In March 2012, Extended URL Enhancement was introduced. Prior to this time, the Tweet payload consisted only of a user-supplied URL. Therefore, matching on the (expanded) URL of interest can be challenging if the user has included a shortened URL. These metadata have been available since March 2012, along with both the Historical Powertrack and Search APIs.

In July 2016, Advanced URL Enhancement was introduced. This enhanced version provides the HTML title and description of a web site in the Tweet payload, as well as operators to match on them. Along with Historical Powertrack, these metadata became available in July 2016. These metadata began to emerge in December 2014, along with the Search API.

In September 2016, Twitter introduced 'Native Attachments', where a shared link does not count against the 140 Tweet character limit. Both URL enhancements still apply to these shared links.

For now, Pplware, as well as millions of users, has lost its archive of images of publications posted on Twitter. And so far the social network has not said anything about it.

If you want to test it on your profile, use this line in the X:From search:Username By: 2014-01-01

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