Twilight by Catherine Hardwicke, what did the critics say about its debut?

Twilight by Catherine Hardwicke, what did the critics say about its debut?

Twilight by Catherine Hardwicke, what did the critics say about its debut?

15 years have passed since the release of Twilight (48%), the first release of a series of films known for reasons beyond vampires, humans and lycanthropes: melodrama and its cursory phrasing, inexpressive performances and even Also the quality of its visuals. Effect. All of these elements are protagonists like Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, and in some way contributed to the fact that it hasn’t lost its cultural relevance years after its debut, in addition to helping its stars, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Let it become famous. global scale.

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origins of the twilight saga

twilight, and the cinematographic phenomenon that they are, would not have been possible had it not been for an adaptation of a soap opera aimed at young audiences that has been a selling success since it hit the shelves. Author Stephenie Meyer caused quite a stir in 2005 when the first book in her saga was released, which of course is the same name of the film, and to many people at the time, especially young women for, every word twilight became an object of worship. As a result, he broke the sales record for the Harry Potter series: Meyer’s books sold one million copies in just two and a half years, beating the achievement of JK Rowling’s saga. Wire, Its popularity persisted, making a film seem like a logical idea.

The first installment of the franchise tells the story of a 17-year-old teenager named Isabella Swan, better known as Bella, who moves from Phoenix, Arizona to Forks, Washington. In her new surroundings, she meets Edward Cullen, a 103-year-old vampire who had been living in the body of a 17-year-old boy. Edward’s entry into her life puts her in danger, but she cannot stop herself from falling in love with him, and he is with her, because it seems she has finally found the kindred spirit she longs for. Been waiting for years. Bella doesn’t know it’s a vampire until a little further along in the story, nor does she know about the existence of lycanthropes, with Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) being one of the most representative characters who makes a small appearance in this adaptation. C plays a role. To expand its role.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in Twilight (Credits: Getty Images)

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in Twilight (Credits: Getty Images)

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The film helped that the supernatural theme was more present in (or in the books) productions focused on younger audiences. The books were more coherent and went into more in-depth detail about Bella and Edward’s lives, plus the story in general was more solid. In turn, the films are more confusing and every outlier made in their time was highly questionable. at the visual level, twilight Draws attention to the continued use of the blue filter that gives the city of Forks and the surrounding areas of Washington a mystical aura, and these locations have become well-known due to the influence of the film. But it is intended to give him the feel of a dystopian world. And even dramatically, it fell and became ridiculous to this day.

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None of these “minusius” have any effect on the performance of the film in Tequila. Since the launch of the first book, it had already been announced that a literary event was coming, and movie theaters confirmed it. Twilight premiered to overwhelming success (48%) in 2008, and when it completed its run in the catalogue, the film grossed US$402.2 million worldwide. Domestic Tequila managed to collect US$192 million and had already collected US$69.6 million in its first weekend alone. These numbers are already large compared to what is currently happening in tax exemptions recognized by the public, but considering that the production cost for this most influential film to ever return was only US$37 million.

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What does the critic say?

Something that is perhaps not often mentioned now is that the film had a solid marketing campaign mainly fueling a cult following towards Bella and Edwards, which helped increase its popularity in various regions. of. Despite the small assumption, twilight It showed that focusing on women as a consumer audience, releasing a film at the right time, and accurately representing the transition from girl to woman, could shake up the culture of the industry. This was made possible due to the fact that the films and books stayed close to Bela’s point of view, with the use of first-person narration, which creates a close identification between Bela and the audience.

Years after its debut, twilight Keep it up because of the affection of its millions of fans, but also because of the career growth of its lead actors. Same for your memes. What was a great source of inspiration for more characters of the teen heartbreak type in the 2010s, compelling love stories for the masses of the time, and until the perfect love triangle, is another recurring joke for new generations. Many people think that a big part of what we did in getting the film a place in popular culture is that there are so many ridiculous things in its history that they end up making Patta unforgettable.

Criticism was not kind during its launch, but it has nevertheless been agreed upon by experts. twilight Leave some opportunities for new audiences as some details are lost during the transition from book to film, it manages to please its fans by bringing a deep and youthful proposal that portrays female desire in a way that Like never seen before. The 48 percent rating is due to the fact that it received many negative comments referring to the film as a silly story about vampires, which takes into account the presence of these creatures throughout the story as something more than a horror genre. Used to hope too. But in the end and in the end, it was the first step towards a great success which was not affected by the interlude.

Here’s what critics said about her at the beginning of Twilight (48%):

Anne Cohen In refinery29,

Ten years after its release, Twilight remains a powerful and deeply elegant representation of teenage female desire.

cj shoe In critic at large,

The first film is the foundation of everything and does a good job of building the world; Even the final scene of the fight is fully integrated into the emotional core.

cathy may In magazine of fantasy and science fiction,

It’s a recognizable story for most ages with a diabolical touch.

Jake Wilson The Age,

A lot hinges on the chemistry between the lead actors in this type of movie, and Twilight especially falls short here.

James Christopher’s times,

Los Dos Teenage Hormonal Chisporotian Como Salchichas En Una Certain. Supernatural acrobatics do not deceive. Neither is expressionless simplicity.

laramie legel d,

My hope is that the real effort of the films will be shown in the sequel. The world does not need any more toothless cinema.

Leigh Patsh Day Herald Sun,

For optimistic teens and die-hard romantics alike, this extraordinarily colorful love story (adapted from the first in Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling book series) will tug at the heartstrings like a harp.

from Manohla Dargis new York Times,

A deeply honest and utterly silly vampire romance for a set of warm restraints.

Mark Savlov In Austin Chronicle,

I had an experience of mosquito bites that was more thrilling, wilder and wackier than this pseudo-romantic film Romeo y Julieta.

Mike Massey In went with the twins,

He thinks that this is perhaps his greatest achievement in the ocean of everything wonderful.

Peter Bradshaw D Guardian,

It is, in its own little worldly way, sweetly idealistic with its own charms: a teen romance that mirrors The Diante.

sarah mcmullan In ,

As someone who has loved the horror genre my entire life, Twilight caused me a duel.

Sukhdev Sandhu daily Telegraph,

I saw Twilight in a movie theater full of young girls who, when they weren’t texting their friends and snacking, laughed, sighed, and exhaled with a passion that would engulf the ground. Was supposed to be, but had some degree of emotional truth to them.

Trevor Johnson’s time up,

Some will find this too polite, but compared to rivals Tequila’s successful practice in explosive CGI chaos, its index of willingness and security based on personality at least provides a viable alternative comedic scenario.

Will Lawrence D Empire Magazine,

The ever-present whirlwind of feminine passion that will delight fanatics, this faithful adaptation seeks teenage blood, and most likely finds where it leads to the cup’s artery.

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