They continue to strengthen healthcare for Huehuetecos

Huehuetenango, 20 August. (AGN) – The Diagnostic Center of the Jorge Vides Molina Regional Hospital in Huehuetenango continues to provide care to the Indians of Huehueteco.

In the first week of August this year, a tomograph was introduced in the center. The goal is to pass the exams:

  • cerebral
  • maxillofacial orbit
  • chest and abdomen
  • lower limbs
  • liver
  • kidneys

Services for Huehueteco are absolutely free. In addition, patients receive care in outpatient clinics, and those who wish can go to the user service window, where relevant information is provided so that they can take advantage of these services, which are implemented for the well-being and development of the population.


The technicians indicate that the tomography is carried out depending on what the doctor says to the patient.

From this point of view, it can be associated with traumatology, accidents, cerebral hemorrhages, as well as to rule out signs of masses, tumors, or any anomalies that users present.

A private service costs 3,000 quetzals, from which people benefit greatly.

It was reported that during the first weeks, more than 20 citizens per day were treated both in field and face-to-face consultations 24 hours a day, as there is a specialized specialist in radiographs.


In November 2022, the Regional Hospital was strengthened by the Women’s Diagnostic and Clinical Center to expand services for the population of the region.

In relation to this problem, the governor of Huehuetenango department confirmed that this is necessary to ensure proper treatment of the residents. In addition, it will avoid complications in the future and will contribute to the family economy, since the services will be provided free of charge.

Jimena Alvarado

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