“The most amazing trip of my life”

Alejandro Sanz seems to have gotten over one of his worst emotional moments that he bothered his fans with just 3 months ago. The singer admitted, shortly before confirmation his separation from Rachel Valdezwho was having a bad time.

Sometimes I don’t even want to be. Literally. Simple, to be honest. For not introducing useless noise. I know there are people who feel this way. If it works for you, I feel the same way,” he said in May.

A few days later, the artist noted at a concert of his tour that little by little the light came: “It seems like a firefly has woken up in my chest.”

birthdays his daughters Manuela and Almaalong with other statements he made on social media seemed to confirm his improvement: “I’m still in the process, with my ups and downs but slowly getting better“.

Alejandro Sanz wishes his daughter Alma a happy ninth birthday
Alejandro Sanz congratulates his daughter Alma on her ninth birthday | instagram

Now he has released some words full of illusion and hope for him and his fans via Twitter. Sans showed that he plunged into an “incredible moment of personal learning”describing this phase as “the most amazing journey” he has taken in his life.

“The most difficult, but one that takes me to the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen on my inner planet. Go ahead, know yourself and don’t listen to the monologue that lives in your head, talking nonsense,” he explained.

He also reminded his followers that “joy is attitude” Bye “happiness is a utopian state of mindThe singer’s post garnered hundreds of comments full of support and love, and this is what fans expressed their joy at seeing Alejandro Sanz in a positive emotional state.

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