The miseries of the courtship between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are aired in a Netflix documentary

On April 11, 2022, I began Johnny Depp’s lawsuit against his former muse, Amber Heard. After a stormy relationship in which she suggested in the media that she had been abused, she sued him for defamation and claimed $50 million in damages and injuries. Heard, on his part, retaliated by demanding double that, 100 million. For several months, and until the verdict was read on 1 June, the case became a media circus due to the decision to allow cameras and the release of the case online involving film stars, despite the fact that the final decision was made by a jury. popular jury. Real decision making happens in social networks and societies, where everyone has their own opinion streamer youtuber and many incels He commented every second of every game as if it were a football match; and with the same level hooliganism.

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Even though the judge had come into the public imagination as a sexual violence case, what was really being decided was whether Amber Heard had defamed the actor when she wrote an opinion piece in The Washington Post, where she herself was described as “a public figure who represents “domestic abuse”. A text where Depp’s name was never given, although everyone speculated that it referred to him. Interesting about this decision The point is that Depp’s legal team is not seeking half, but only his. This is done in the state of Fairfax County, Virginia, where defamation laws are much stricter than elsewhere, claiming that the Washington Post K’s servers are located there.

What was clear to many was that this was a decision in which Heard wanted to restore his public image, and for this reason he himself favored an online broadcast of every second of the legal process, which Heard’s lawyers did. Tried to stop, knowing they lost before the verdict of the popular jury. A lawsuit that resulted in Depp falling out of favor among the three positions and Heard being awarded $15 million in damages. The jury members also sided with Heard in one of their three positions and awarded the millionth. A data that was also ignored by many online commentators, clearly in favor of the actor.

Aware of the hours-long decision that has now been summarized by the documentary depp vs herd, Which in three episodes tries to summarize everything from a point of view that tries to stay in that complex neutrality that was never observed during the celebration of the case. Emma Cooper’s film that premiered on Netflix takes the statements of both, when Hablan de los Mismos Successos is able to hear, successively, the versions of the protagonists. The film’s contribution is rarely more than serving as a compendium and showing the consequences of parallel decisions in reality.

Hurd described the violent incidents in detail and presented videos where the violent act was seen and heard. Also where she confessed to holding her partner and ridiculing him was one of the most commented moments and caused her the most damage. Depp talks about everything, admits to his addiction to opioids, and takes testimony from people on his team who stripped down his versions of Esperanza for Earth. A case in which perspective was soon lost because, as the lawyer recalled to Heard at the beginning of the trial, this case is not about who “gets the better or the worse, whether you agree with him or not.” No, ring the bell” It was in his power to write it”. Hurd’s team remembered without success that there was talk about freedom of expression, and the violent incidents she had suffered, the way she felt, was more than enough to decide that I read that lesson. what did i say Depp, for his part, claims that the column damaged his career and his life.

This document broadcasts all the sorrows of that judge, but above all the sorrows of all those who thanked him for broadcasting it online. A decision that, for Heard, infuriated the popular jury, which unanimously turned against her. Despite daily warnings, it was practically impossible for those people to isolate themselves from social networks, videos and memes, and the reaction on the internet was brutal. Johnny Depp’s fans, under his Hashtags #justiceforjohnnydepp Organized like fanatics.

Every statement of Amber Heard was ridiculed, meme made, parodied. They laughed at him, insulted him and threatened to kill him. Any user who stood by the actress’s side was seen, prompting non-stop greetings from Depp’s followers and almost silence from his fans. The impartiality of the popular jury was sacrificed because of a popular verdict that was being broadcast live.

depp vs herd One has to wonder what would have happened to the OJ Simpson case if it had been released online. What you see here is that everyone’s got a tajda: they streamer Who asked for donations; Lawyer who created TikTok and Twitch accounts to comment and gain subscribers every day, and also created this profile youtube users, male chauvinists and misogynists who turned this judgment into an attack against feminism and Me Too. Andy Signor, one of the most active under the Popcorn Planet channel, also conducted an exclusive interview with Depp after the trial.

The documentary ends with an analysis about the danger of networks and the truth in viral times. The judge’s statements were edited and manipulated at the time, causing an unstoppable chain reaction where the truth was distorted. One of the most famous cases was that of “a mega pint of wine”, a statement attributed to Heard’s attorney, who mocked him for using it, and which had actually been used by the actor a minute earlier. .

This documentary series does not tell about itself, whether it is really an abuser or if it defames, but about the negative consequences of the online issue, which is, moreover, a collateral victim, the Me Too movement. And the credibility of many women who told them that they would not be believed if they did not behave like the ideal victim.

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