The decision comes as a Netflix documentary questions the enrichment of content creators and other secrets in the case

On August 16, a documentary titled Depp vs. Heard, directed by Emma Cooper, premiered on Netflix and over the course of three episodes of approximately 50 minutes, each shares the most intense parts of Juice Bell on the ground, revolving around the former. had passed through ,

The story is combining testimony from peers on the ground, as well as from media, content creators and users on social networks, who were involved every moment in the decision that developed in Fairfax County, Virginia in 2022. A hundred spectators and the press were present.

In the first chapter, how the couple got to know each other and began their novel, as well as the story of the first shock He was attached to the skin for a tattoo. Heard noticed a tattoo on Depp’s arm, which was inspired by actor Winona Ryder’s XenoNiva and which said Winona Forever, but after blurring out a single part, Winona Forever was seen.

Back six weeks Johnny Depp and Amber Heard listen during meetings in US courts in June 2022 jury verdict in front of those who sympathized with his cause defamation claim After all, the actor did this against his ex-wife Allegations of physical and sexual abuse Hurd said that the interpreter was committed by Pirates of the Caribbean, and which were also published in an article Washington Post,

Over the episode narrated by the actress in which she described how she was allegedly abused by her ex-husband Johnny Depp, as well as what they indicated about Heard’s conduct while they were married, the seven members of the jury Amber Heard declared popular guilty of defamation.

As a result of the above and in view of the allegations of publication Washington PostI heard there’s a price to be paid 15 million dollars to her ex-husband, while he must pay her 2 million put him that Defamation too.

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Technology journalist Katherine Tannbarge assures how many users will use it to monetize their content. “There are creators on platforms like YouTube who previously knew about visits with videos of just about anything, music, video games or art, suddenly start publishing on this decision, videos that do well with Johnny Depp. Because they are the only ones people want to see and make money for the first time in history”, he says.

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It also analyzed how the parodies and memes managed to mislead the audience. Some of the trials that the jurors did not see were shown during the documentary, and more than 6,000 documents were declassified and a collection was created for Depp fans to buy the documents to read.

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