so these are the most typical traps

Barcelona is one of the favorite destinations for thousands of tourists who want to discover This is the most typical of Catalunya: Catalan gastronomy, culture, works of Gaudí… But there are other elements that, despite being a Catalan tradition, have become an attraction for touristsA vagabond from his daily life had done this shortly before. n la tumbonasummer section of, we explain to you which they are Most exclusive trap in Barcelona To tire out tourists visiting the city.

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las ramblas

in this list of Tram for tourists in Barcelona Las Ramblas is not to be missed. If two years ago it could have been a meeting place and pedestrian walkway in the city center, it has now been transformed into a Space occupied by tourists. Los Catalans are not used to walking in this area, let alone eating. The prices are desorbitados in all restaurants, and even more so if it’s a terrace in the middle of the Rambla. The same applies with the rest of the commerce: there are old pizzerias and kiosks. has been turned into a tourist trap, To make ticket for tourist bus Travel At Camp Nou, all kinds of souvenirs, and other ‘offers’ at high prices.

paella every hour

there are also ten decades in gastronomy tourist trap, Without a doubt, paella is one of the most habitual ones. the one who is not ashamed to see tourists eating a plate of paella, Yes, here we eat paella, but not for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Many restaurants present this food as something to eat all the time, with the sole purpose of charging them exorbitant prices for quality that is probably not worth it.

drink sangria non stop

The drinks are the best in Catalunya Sangriathat’s it pienson la mayoria de los guiris, Even singer Ed Sheeran dedicated a verse to his song. Barcelona: ‘Drinking Sangria, Me Nina, Te Amo Carrino’. De Nuevo, LosRestorantes Approval Para fill your pockets with fame Sangria,

‘Popular’ Flamenco Table

Many tourists come to Barcelona wanting to enjoy a flamenco show to immerse themselves in the culture of the region. Go over board It could be an interesting option, yes, but the question is: which one? Seems like Authentic place to see flamenco It ain’t easy in the Catalan capital, and it’s what has turned many locals into an idol tourist trap,

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