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Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Kate Hudson and most recently Miss Butt candidate Larissa Sumpany have already been linked to the so-called “sex diet”. This regimen involves the practice of sex more than once a week for several hours in a row, and expert celebrities claim that the loss of calories is sufficient to cause weight loss.

in an interview with daily starIn July this year, Larissa revealed that the reason for her physical shape is that she had sex at least three times a week for three hours at a stretch. The influencer also said that with the diet, the butt became firmer, shapelier and with a more graceful shape. Still on the portal, the model claimed that her body fat percentage dropped by 9% due to the exercise. “In June I weighed 63 kgs and now I weigh 60 kgs. When I started I weighed 67 kg. My fitness is getting better and better,” he said at the time.

North American socialite Kim Kardashian was involved in a controversial diet in 2012 by an undisclosed source. An alleged close friend of the businesswoman told national inquiry Kim reportedly lost 3 kilos in a week by “spending a lot of time in the bedroom with her husband”, who was Kanye West at the time.

Already in 2021, actress Kate Hudson said in a video posted on her Instagram profile that she plans to spend 1 hour 20 minutes in the room with her partner to burn calories. Hudson claims to have discovered that, following the compounding of “Weight Watchers”, this amount of intercourse is equivalent to “six fitness points” (a measurement used during exercise programs).

However, is exchanging physical exercise for sex effective – and indicated? According to personal trainer Priscilla Biscardi Morelli, no. “It does not replace in any way. Depending on the intensity of the exercise, we can expect a slightly significant caloric expenditure and the recruitment of certain muscle groups. However, one does not take the place of the other”, she declares bluntly.

The professional concluded by saying that the practice can even harm sex. “If you intend to have sex only for exercise, you have already lost all the joy. So, I think, then, it does two things harm, it doesn’t do the necessary exercise with the mistaken idea that it’s substituting it, and it also replaces something that’s natural and enjoyable. Must be mechanical and artificial”, he explains.

Individual also states that the minimum recommended daily exercise time is 30 minutes (more than “traditional” sex) and six times a week. “Exercising for three hours just one day is of no use. Continuity is part of the process”, he revealed.

Priscilla ends with a caveat: “It is far more rewarding to spend your time with a sequence of activities that will bring real benefits. There are four basic exercises that cover virtually the entire body: push-ups, lunges, jumping jacks and planks. By repeating 4 to 5 series of these the work is completed. An important reminder: during the series we need to get out of the comfort zone, that is, leave more tired than when we started”, he concluded.

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