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Photos for the 12th season of ‘American Horror Story (AHS)’ were recently released, along with its premiere date set for September 20 in the United States.

The latest season stars Cara Delevingne, Kim Kardashian, and Emma Roberts, among others. Check out the new posters below that feature the three actresses in their new looks for the series.

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American Horror Story (AHS)
Photo: American Horror Story/Promotion/Reproduction.

As all fans of the series know, ‘American Horror Story (AHS)’ is a horror and thriller series in which each season presents a different story from the previous season.

Logically there are exceptions and it is possible to see some details from previous seasons in the latest season or even a union of the two stories.

Still, ‘American Horror Story (AHS)’ is a series that can be watched in any order. As noted, the list below presents a ranking of the seasons of the series based on public approval on the Rotten Tomatoes website.

Ranking the Best Seasons of ‘American Horror Story (AHS)’

Sharan (2nd) – Viewership Rating: 90%

The second season of ‘American Horror Story (AHS)’ is one of the stories that impressed the fans of the series the most due to its plot being set in an asylum and involving psychological horror. Critics Score: 84%.

Murder House (1st) – Viewership Rating: 84%

The season that started it is second only to its successor. Talking about a haunted house for something scary might sound trite, but this season’s productions with this theme can have a lot of originality if executed well. Critics Score: 72%.

Cowen (3rd) – Audience Score: 75%

The ‘Coven’ season, as its title suggests, explores a coven of witches who fight to protect their members. The season is highly praised for the way it deals with contemporary themes amidst its horror aesthetic. Critics Score: 85%.

1984 (9th) – Public rating: 75%

Season one of the last release of ‘American Horror Story (AHS)’ returns to both the show’s past and the real world’s past. ‘1984’ features a group of camp counselors who have to deal with an on-site killer. This season takes inspiration from the slashers of the 80s. Critics Score: 88%.

Apocalypse (8th) – Viewership Rating: 75%

This season is highly anticipated by the fans. ‘Apocalypse’ featured a crossover between ‘Murder House’ and ‘Coven’ seasons.

Hence, it would be ideal to watch both before heading off to the 8th season, which offers a great combination of elements already introduced in the series along with several new features and an engaging storyline. Critics Score: 79%.

Freak Show (4th) – Viewership Rating: 68%

For those who dread clowns and circus attractions, this is the season to watch them if you want terror, or avoid them if you just can’t stand it. Logically, ‘Freak Show’ depicts a spooky circus set in the 1950s.

But beyond the scares, this season offers a wonderful array of discussions about society’s marginalization and oppression of people who are “different.” Critics Score: 77%.

Hotel (5th) – Public Score: 60%

‘American Horror Story (AHS)’ Season 5 features a hotel with all kinds of devils: ghosts, vampires, serial killers, etc. However, his biggest debate is about the nature of man and the horrors of his mind. Critics Score: 64%.

Roanoke (6th) – Audience score: 57%

Season 6 has a different dynamic than the previous seasons. This season is designed to feel like a documentary being shown, which explores the mysteries of ‘Roanoke Island’. Critics Score: 74%.

Double Feature (10th) – Viewership Rating: 52%

Unlike previous seasons, the ‘double feature’ as its name suggests, presented two different stories in a single season.

The first is ‘Red Tide’, a family with vampire-related problems. while the other is ‘Death Valley’, when the travelers encounter a sun cult and a strange presence. Critics Score: 80%.

Panth (7th) – Audience Score: 52%

‘Cult’, the 7th season of ‘American Horror Story (AHS)’, presents, as its title suggests, the horrors of blind devotion to cults and leaders, whether political, religious or otherwise, and how this obsession Leads to unimaginable horrors. Critics Score: 73%.

NYC (11th) – Viewer rating: 40%

After all, the last season of the series didn’t go down well with fans. The ‘NYC’ season focuses on urban terror, presenting the problems of the emergence of HIV in the 1980s as a serial killer terrorizes the city. Critics Score: 71%.

It’s worth remembering that every season has its strengths and weaknesses, and everyone’s taste is individual. That said, feel free to check them all out or the one that interests you the most and draw your own conclusions.

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