‘Scream 6’ is free to watch in Spain on this platform and it’s the definitive finale

Although 2023 isn’t a very relevant year when it comes to horror, there are several examples that worked well in Tequila and it’s only fair to highlight the best we’ve seen this year. Here’s where we can spot the latest ‘Hablem’s, even in theaters. The new rendition of the Scream saga is called ‘Scream VI’and which hits theaters in early 2023, and whose premiere is imminent on the Amazon Prime Video platform.

This new part of the saga started by horror maestro Wes Craven in the mid-1990s has become one of the fan favorites. Absolutely, Right after ‘Scream 2,’ the second hottest tequillera of the saga has been made, Melissa Barrera Y Jenna Ortega (Which leads to this delivery as the great star after his success with ‘Miracoles’) has been able to re-establish Testigo and bring back new faces to the franchise. Simply, always with an appearance from a classic cast member from the movies. in this matter Courteney Cox as Gale Weathersor Hayden Panettiere as Kirby.

If we haven’t found the legendary Sidney Prescott, who hates Neve Campbell’s life, than The actress hasn’t reached an agreement to return to her character, Several rumors indicate that he may return in ‘Scream 7’, which is set to begin in 2024. But before the new delivery arrives, let’s enjoy ‘Scream 6’.

When will ‘Scream 6’ release on Amazon Prime Video?

Even though it’s time to buy and rent the new “Scream” movie digitally, it’s clear that it wasn’t available for free on any platform. So far. amazon prime video has decided to continue betting on terror and has announced ‘Scream VI’ will be available on its platform from August 25,

What About ‘Scream VI’?

While the survivors of the recent Woodsboro attack travel to New York City to attend university, Tara, our last girl, begins to experience frantic psychological distress upon seeing the ghosts of assassins past. Meanwhile, his sister, Sam, tries to molest him by pretending to be Ghostface. But when their plan goes wrong, three new masked donkeys appear on stage, leaving the question of who will survive and who will be the final victim unanswered.

A fresh delivery of classics at its peak

Matt Bettinelli-Olpin or Tyler GilletteThe creator of the claimed ‘Noche de Bodas’, is the director of this sixth delivery, as well as Furon of the fifth. And he was well received by critics and fans alike as he righted all the mistakes of his debut film ‘Scream’. But apart from that, he has promoted all the hits in this fifth delivery which marks the beginning of this new trilogy which will probably kick off in 2024.

In ‘Scream VI’ we meet the Carpenter sisters in Manhattan. This change of location wraps up the story (I think it’s a joke), gives these new characters a different air, and makes it clear that the rules of the game have changed. Because we know Woodsboro. It is like our home. Once again, we feel safe. A city as big as Manhattan? Danger is on every corner. And it’s a demoestra one de las primeiras persecuciónS, a 24-hour shop with a location close to customers and a transit road through the city.

The face of the ghost, is scaring once again. / most important

In this delivery, Ghostface fears nothing and shows courage in everything. Hasta fires a gun. And I don’t think about stopping until I give birth to Tara and Sam Carpenter. Jenna Ortega and Melissa Barrera are more comfortable with their characters than ever and it shows. Above all, Barrera, whose fans criticized until they were satisfied, delivers an authentic lecture in ‘Scream VI’ scream queen

a thrilling ending

Despite Sydney’s absence (which is noted from time to time), ‘Scream VI’ serves as one of the most complete films in the saga. although there are some gion needles (such as the subway scene or the Ghostface Sanctuary), it is very enjoyable and leads us hand in hand until the end of the level, with the hero’s fatal risk through the clouds.

It is true that the protagonist of The Carpenter Sisters walks in the shadow of the rest. Especially Gale and Kirby, who end up being mere accomplices. Even the scene of Gale vs. Ghostface is already in the ranking of the best scenes of the saga. But there are also moments when it feels like you don’t want to do that to the characters.

In spite of everything, it’s a great movie, and fans have supported this new trilogy with all their might. Even Though It’s Not Wes Craven, The Feeling Of ‘Scream’ Is Still Present, and the update has sat like a guarantee. Mindy’s character above all, thanks to life Jasmine Savoy Brown, You can see the head of the movies Anadidos de Esta Nueva Tanda.

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