Salma Hayek and Gucci reaffirm their commitment to equality with a powerful message

In a world of constant change, it is our duty to appreciate the differences that make us unique. celebrating a decade salma hayek pinault got included in Beyonce Knowles-Carter for the construction of Gucci ChimesGlobal campaign dedicated to becoming the standard in search gender equality, Gucci Presents a series of videos that reaffirm their commitment to this cause.

director, Sharmeen Obaid-ChinoyFilmmaker and Academy Award-winning activist, and drawn to music freedom by beyonceNew Chime for Change Global Anniversary Campaign It reflects the determination of its heroes to use their platform to generate real change. by some participants like Annie Lennox, halle bailey, Julia Roberts, Idris Elba, Alia Bhatt, Serena Williams, Julia Garner, Jodie Turner-Smith, John Legend or Salma Hayek, Gucci premieres 35 videos To unite your powerful voices of change in unison.

social network and through its official YouTube channel, it italian fashion firm Share with your audience an inspiring series that will take you on a journey of emotion thanks to the raw and passionate stories of activists, celebrities, organizers and supporters who take an active part in the fight for a better future for all. In addition to continuing the legacy of Call of Change: Live2013 concert title Beyonce, Florence Welch, John Legend and Jennifer Lopez What started with raising funds for this project, the updated 2023 campaign celebrates their $21.5 million withdrawn It is closed at.

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