Overwatch 2 Players Express Disappointment Over Orisa’s Strength Increase In Invasion Update

Overwatch 2 players have expressed their disappointment with Orisa’s tank hero’s recent buff in the Invasion update. Known for her survivability, Orisa has become even more formidable with the August 10th update, which increased her main weapon’s damage falloff and buffed her enhanced health bonus. These changes made her “sometimes invincible” and added “even more survivability” according to player complaints.

Some players found it extremely difficult to handle the powerful new Orisa. One player took to Reddit to express their dissatisfaction, saying, “Please stop buffing the horse,” referring to the Orisa Omnic Tank. While Oris’ short cooldowns and ability rotation allow her to effectively create space for her team, many players felt that Blizzard’s boost was too much, which negatively impacted their gaming experience. As one player said, “I don’t know how many more Orisa games I can play.”

The encounter with Orisa on the battlefield became a source of annoyance for many players, who claimed that excessive concentration was required to defeat her. Shooting at any target other than Orisa seemed pointless due to her increased survivability, and her ability to interrupt attacks with Seismic Fist made the problem even worse.

However, not everyone blamed Orisa’s survivability for the disappointments. Some players have suggested trying different strategies, such as favoring supports from a distance, or approaching Orisa from different directions. In addition, the introduction of a new support hero, Illari, who has both healing and high damage output, has further changed the battle dynamics in Overwatch 2.

Blizzard acknowledged the concerns and announced plans to nerf the solar-powered support hero Illari. It is hoped that these changes will restore balance to the game and resolve player complaints about Orisa’s newly gained invulnerability.

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