Overwatch 2: Players Demand Orisa’s Immediate Weakness

After the buffs she received in season 6, Numbani’s defender is considered an unstoppable machine among shooter hero tanks.

orisha He was one of the many characters that got a makeover in the Overwatch Season 2 patch 6. While they came in handy to reinvent himself in the metagame, he is now one of the queens of the metagame, not only for that, but also for the amount of constant improvement. that you have had so far.

In recent days and via a Reddit post, several players have shared their experience of using the Numbani protector in the hero shooter’s current period metagame. Overall, some point to a lot of frustration, as it is considered difficult to eliminate her in a confrontation due to her high survivability due to her resources.

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Please stop upgrading your horse

Sometimes it seems impossible to kill him with his short cooldown mitigation abilities, the last thing he needs is extra buffs for his survivability.

Please stop. I don’t know how many more Oris games I can take.”

It should be remembered that Orisa has received consecutive buffs since the May patches of Overwatch 2. But those in Season 6 they were the third and trigger when he got the power that allows him to rule the metagame.. Increased the damage range (from 15 to 20 meters) of his increased Fusion Controller, and Fortify gives him more bonus health (from 75 to 125).

To all this, we must add that an indirect improvement is required, that is, a reduction in the power of other dominant tanks that maintained a constant lethality. Examples like Roadhog or Wrecking Ball are no longer forced like they used to be, and the opportunity is now given to Numbani’s defender and others in her category like Junker Queen, Ramattra or Zarya.

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Until then we’ll have to see if Blizzard will take action on Orisa’s issue for Overwatch 2’s season 6 metagame. In the meantime, players want to counter her with some of the aforementioned options, D.Va or Doomfist.

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