One of the best movies of 2022… Three hours of action and pure emotion!

One of the best strips inspired by the comics from the past year’s most successful movies is perfect for ending a busy weekend with your HBO Max subscription: Batman with robert pattinson,

while marvel doesn’t give up on entertainment PalomeroWhile plenty of superheroes are hurling themselves through different dimensions to save the world on the ground, rather many worlds at a time, DC and Matt Reeves are doing one of the best adaptations of the hood with The Batman. .. capable of even surpassing what Christopher Nolan had achieved in the trilogy dark Knight,

If El Caballero de la Noche’s last cinematic adventure is nothing more than the series’ quest for assassins in style Seven hey AmountReeves included in his version of Justiciero a thriller With a lot to show… able to keep the audience hooked for three hours. Plus, the production values ‚Äč‚Äčimmerse the viewer An unreleased version of Ciudad Gotica, with that dark and depressing touch Which we love from DC Comics.

The Batman is no ordinary superhero movie

Robert Pattinson becomes one of cinema’s best Batman

Batman This is not another origin story in which we get to know Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) prior to his transformation into Batman. On the other hand, the DC hero has been roaming Gotham for a long time to rid the city of criminal filth, but with limited success. Violence, crime and corruption are worse than ever.

When current mayor Don Mitchell (Rupert Penry-Jones) is assassinated by a masked man just before the next election, James Gordon (Jeffrey Wright) and Batman begin working together to discover who was responsible for the crime. There’s something special about: A series of assassinations aimed at exposing the lies on which the city was once built.

For Connocesadors de los Comics, Batman The concrete works of many important guinos include mussel As First Year hey the long halloween, which are among the most popular stories about the Caballero de la Noche. However, both Reeves and Pattison manage to infuse unique elements into this version of Vigilante, with a twist that reflects the ambiguity of grounded personalities… as well as a good dose of insanity on the part of its villains. .

Starring Paul Dano, The Riddler is not a clown in a latex suit (as Jim Carrey batman forever), but a completely dangerous, paranoid and unpredictable psychopath. Although it bears little resemblance to Danny DeVito’s interpretation of the role in Colin Farrell’s El Pinguino batman returns, And here’s the action: even if used sparingly, it’s even more violent, atmospheric and impressive. But it never becomes the center of attention, which ultimately sets it apart Batman Of most of the modern comics adaptations.

The acceptance of the concept is demonstrated not only by the film’s success, but also by the film’s critics, who are practically all positive. And that’s why it should come as no surprise that Warner already announced at CinemaCon last April that they’re already working on batman 2Out of the continuity of the new DC universe of the Blue Beetle.

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