Neymar’s sister Rafaela Santos says goodbye to Paris

As the line from the movie Casablanca (1942) would say: “Paris Will Always Be”, and it was more or less in the same tone rafaela santos “Said Goodbye” to the City of Light. For 6 years, Rafaela lived with her parents and brother, neymar, team, in his work at PSG.

However, now, the star has signed up with Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal team Practically the whole family will leave Europe for the UAE, Let’s find out more how Rafaella paid tribute to the country where she has practically lived for the last few years.

Neymar, Rafaela Santos and everyone in “Arabias”

Neymar and Rafaela Santos
Rafaela Santos thanked her for the good times she had in France. Source: Instagram

Actually, Neymar is a person who does not like to be alone, When he is not working out with his fellow athletes, he is always with his family, friends, and “partners” (who are one level above friendship).

This way, the player has already “laid the ground” for getting everyone to Saudi Arabia. This country is not as “modern” as France. The laws and customs there strictly follow the Islamic religion., Thus, a man and a woman cannot live (or sleep) together without being married. In the same way, parties filled with alcoholic beverages are prohibited, as are slices of beautifully roasted ham or bacon on a plate.

For this reason, neymar You must live in a house that has more than 25 rooms, a 40-metre swimming pool, jets and refrigerators in all rooms, domestic servants, cooks and drivers available to you. And also available to your family and friends.

Furthermore, the city of Riyadh (where Neymar will live) has “turned a blind eye” to these strict traditions. The place intends to invest more in tourism and football is one of the attractions attracting the public. Cristiano Ronaldo is an example of this.

The player is not married to girlfriend Georgina Rodríguez and the two live in a luxury gated community. The 38-year-old Portuguese player has been playing for Al Nassr since the beginning of the year.

That’s why Rafaela Santos has already posted a “farewell” tone from Paris. From now on, he and his parents will be closer to Neymar and trips to the UAE will be more frequent. The influencer posted a picture on a boat tour with the Eiffel Tower in the background and captioned: ‘Mercy, Paris!’ ,Thanks Paris).

Neymar has an exhaustive list of demands at Al-Hilal

Besides the millionaire contract, pampering is also part of Neymar’s demands. Source: Instagram

In fact, it is very common when looking for a job to focus on the benefits that come with a job vacancy. Generally, we workers are already happy with food vouchers and health plans. Neymar left PSG and moved to Al-Hilal for a much higher salary. With the French team, Ney received 4.8 million monthly (R$22 million).

Now, according to information from international newspapers, neymar More than R$1 million will be received per day.

  • per month: BRL 35.87 million
  • Per Week: BRL 4.78 million
  • per day: BRL 1.17 million
  • per hour: BRL 49 thousand
  • Per Minute: BRL 816.00
  • per second: BRL 13.61

But not only that, in addition to that money, Neymar also made several demands, for which the Al-Hilal team immediately provided everything. According to The Sun, the mansion where the players will live must have 25 rooms.

In the mansion’s compound, the player “requested” a swimming pool at least 10 meters wide and 40 meters long. To meet the player’s needs, Neymar required a team of 5 staff to assist him 24 hours a day. In this staff, the player has two cleaning people and a local chef, who will accompany the player’s personal chef.

One of the items missing from Neymar’s home is acai juice from the player’s favorite brand. In addition, soft drinks and other beverages will complete Ace’s arrangements, but this is for his friends and visitors to the home.

Yet as per Ney’s request, Al-Hilal will be responsible for all hotel and restaurant expenses while the player enjoys a break from work. For getting around, Brazilians make sure to have at least 7 cars and a private jet to travel whenever they want in their spare time.

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