Netizens ask Sandra Bullock to return her Oscar after the controversy surrounding the film ‘The Blind Side’.

Michael OherWhose story inspired the film?a possible dreampointed to oscar In 2010, Tuohy is filing a lawsuit against the family who adopted her and whose story was featured on the big screen (via) espn,

Ohr alleges that he was never effectively adopted by the family, that he profited financially from his story, and that he was never compensated for the film adaptation of his biography.

While the book and film based on Ohr’s story were released, Player claims he never received a share of the profits.

Now, many netizens are posting the inexplicable saying Sandra BullockWho returned the Oscar for starring in the feature film best Actress After his commendable performance.

“I think it is absolutely right that Sandra Bullock should return her Oscar in solidarity.”

Of course, on the other hand, other netizens commented on the absurdity of the request, as Bullock was merely playing the part she was given.

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according to website daily Mail, Bull She was deeply affected by allegations that her role may have been based on a lie.

the actress who starred leah anne tuhi In the film, she feels that the hard work and dedication she put into a story she believed to be true has been undermined by recent revelations.

“Now people won’t see it, and if they do, they’ll have a completely different reaction to the original intent.” The source insisted that Sandra Bullock It is a matter of regret that a special moment in his life ended due to a changed perspective.

The situation has become difficult for the actress who recently faced the loss of her partner. Brian Randleand is battling turmoil in both her personal and professional life.

Despite the adverse circumstances, Sandra Bullock it is “Showing strength and looking forward to better days ahead“, as revealed from the source. while some critical voices suggested that he should “put her back.” oscar In best ActressFollowing the controversy, her fans on social networks came to her defense.

The lawsuit, filed in a Tennessee court, alleges that Oher was tricked into signing a document giving Tuohies the authority to act on her behalf, under the false claim that becoming a “legal guardian” was a legal requirement. was equivalent to being a legal guardian. Ohr claims that this allowed Tuohies to pose as his foster parent for financial gain.

According to him, the agreement included the Tuohy family and their biological children, who received a substantial payment for the rights to the story and a percentage of the project’s undefined earnings.

Ohr, whose career on NFL Started in 2009, he says he only had time to double-check the legal details after his retirement in 2016. The lawsuit raises questions about the exploitation of real-life stories for financial purposes and highlights the complexity behind film adaptations.

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