Netflix premieres: A horror ‘thriller’ and a series with a high dose of action for reading lovers this week – series news

‘El Club de los Lectores Criminals’ and ‘¿Who is Erin Carter?’ Stand out among the novelties hitting the scene.

While August is nearing its end, for us it means back to work for others it means the beginning of their summer vacation. You’re in a rough band, I’m sure it will encourage you to know the news coming to Netflix this week. For the most serious fans, the action title ¿Who’s Erin Carter? and the third season of the Norwegian fiction Ragnarok.

As far as the new largometries receiving the Netflix catalog this week are concerned, the “thriller” El Club de los Lectores Criminals is highlighted; Lift Action Strap, and the comedy Ni de cona estas invitada a mi bat mitzvah.

Next, you can consult Series and movies premiering on Netflix from August 21 to 27,

netflix original series

Who is Erin Carter?

Who is Erin Carter? That’s the title of one of the new series you can find in the platform’s catalog this week. La Fiction follows British history professor Erin Carter, who teaches classes in the city of Barcelona. When you find yourself drawn into a supermarket allure, you begin to reevaluate a series of skills that test your mysterious past. A past that can put your life in danger along with that of your husband and daughter.

Premiere: 24 august

Ragnarok – Season 3

Norwegian drama Ragnarok has returned to Netflix with its third and final season. The new batch of fantasy episodes inspired by Norse mythology shows how ruthless giants hatch a plan to end the gods’ hegemony. A final battle in which Magne will try to rectify his fortunes.

Premiere: 24 august

netflix original movies

Criminal Readers Club

Criminal Readers Club is the title of the new Netflix original film you can find in the catalog starting this week. Inspired by the novel of the same name by Carlos García Miranda, Strap follows a group of friends who meet periodically at a reading club about scary books. In one of these meetings they participate in a prank which ends with a tragic accident. A success that turns into an authentic nightmare when a mysterious figure threatens to publish a horror novel in which they are the protagonists.

Premiere: 25 august


Another novelty that has been added to the Netflix movie catalog is the action comedy Lift. F. Directed by Gary Gray, and starring Kevin Hart and Sam Worthington, the film revolves around a group of dockers, working around the world, who are called upon to cover up a terrorist attack on a Boeing 777 in full flight. is hired to try to stop. , And the true mission of each team member is the highlight of their career.

Premiere: 25 august

ni de kona you are invited to my bat mitzvah

If you’re into humor, the Adam Sandler-directed View of Nuevo, Netflix Original film deserves an invite to the Bat Mitzvah. The story, based on Fiona Rosenbloom’s novel of the same name, follows Stacy Friedman, a teenage girl obsessed with the impending celebration of her long-awaited Bat Mitzvah. But her world comes crashing down when she learns that her best friend is kissing her baby. A betrayal that will generate a series of conflicts between two friends who, a few days ago, had dreamed of celebrating their Bat Mitzvah together.

Premiere: 25 august

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Premiere: 22 august

other strain movies

Premiere: 22 august

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