Nanny Usher? Singer Tells Story About When He Cared For Beyoncé When She Was A Teen

assistant teacherone of the biggest names R&B, was once the nanny of none other than Beyoncé! In an interview for Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp, a British radio show, the “My Boo” singer recalled the time when he was younger and eventually took care of her. Beyoncé for one day. The artist, who is today the biggest Grammy winner in history, was at the time a 12-year-old child singer in the group The Dolls.

“Fun fact: I met Beyoncé when she was 12, 11 years old. She used to be in a group called The Dolls,” Usher said. “I don’t know if I can consider myself their nanny, but there was a time when I needed to watch The Dolls.”

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This coincided with Usher being “the oldest person in the room”. Usher, currently 44, is three years older than Beyoncé, who is currently 41. At that time, both the artists were already in the music business and the fact happened at the home of music producer Daryl Simmons.

“He was working with them (The Dolls) at the time and I was there. I kind of got my way, like, I don’t know, escort or babysitter or something because I was the oldest person in the room.”

The Dolls was one of Beyoncé’s group names, also known as Girltime, Something Fresh, until the famous musical group Destiny’s Childs formed in 1996. The group won several awards such as Grammy and MTV Video Awards and the songs included. “Say My Name” in his discography.

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