Margot Robbie’s mother’s response to rumors involving her daughter with Will Smith: “Be careful”

when between actors chemical science begin to emergeRumors of romance are inevitable both off and on screen. Furthermore, if it comes to Among the great stars of the cinematographic landscape such as Margot Robbie and Will Smith.

After unprecedented success of the event barbieMargot Robbie has managed to establish herself as one of the most relevant actresses in Hollywood. However, the 33-year-old actress who is not so famous on the face has also become victim of industry Due to rumors of an affair with actor Will Smith.

And the thing is, despite the fact that over the course of his career, Robbie has been able to develop affinity with a number of professional colleagues, The chemistry between the actors of prince of bel air and that This is very infamous.

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The relationship between these actors it’s 2015during the run of the film Center, Where both were heroes. “No se puede creer chemistry. O la tines o no la la tines. And when I entered, it was really clear”, Smith said in an interview. collider,

Furthermore, it was a mutual feeling, something that, without a doubt, surprised the actress herself. barbieaccording to confession national student, “It was something that none of us really expected. When we entered the room, we took it very well and it continued throughout the filming and I have to say that the scene was exciting”.

before clear connection on screen Centerthen how your reunion as an artistic couple suicide squadron, Rumors started flying in the friends sector that the matter was something else. so much so that it rushes itself Margot Robbie’s mother, Sarah KesslerIf he was forced to ask his daughter if there really was anything between them. Robbie was in awe, assuring her that there was “no intimacy” between them.

Then, the actress highlighted that her mother, very concerned about the topic, warned her about what might happen: “Be careful the next time you go to a party”. Margot, incredulous, reads: “Mom, even though we were at a party, we were at work. We weren’t drunk”.

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