LoL: Riot Games Mistakenly Restores Players’ Favorite Mode, But Not For Everyone

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The arena mode has more than responded enough to the requests from the League of Legends community, and there hasn’t been a new game mode in the MOBA for three years. But as always, all good things must come to an end, and Arena will close its doors on August 28. Riot Games has yet to announce if this will be permanent, but there are high hopes for it, according to the developers.

As the saying goes, chickens come in, they come out, in which case the research would already have in mind what the new game should be that would reach the client, so much so that it would make a bit of a mess by mistakenly introducing one of them on Turkish server.

Nexus Blitz is back… by mistake

Initially, Nexus Blitz or Nexus Bombardment was supposed to be a permanent game mode., but Riot unfortunately limited it because it was too destructive for Summoner’s Rift. However, it appears that the developers they suddenly restarted the mode by mistakeand only on Turkish servers.

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As the youtuber said Vandiril In one of his videos, Turkish League of Legends players were surprised to see an opportunity to create a Nexus Blitz lobby. They were even able to download the champion’s choice and see the first event the teams would fight for. They were able to directly access the loading screen and the game before it crashed after about 30 seconds.

In comments, some explain that it looks like Riot Games was trying to revive the ARAM Clash game mode. (a one-time event that happened at the end of 2022) before accidentally reactivating Nexus Assault.

What will be the regime then?

The good news is that, despite this error, it seems that Riot Games is already working on the next temporary mode that will come to the client. As such, we can expect Nexus Blitz to return to our customers very soon. What’s more, the developers seem to want to give Clash another shot at ARAM. In 2022, this mode did not require any tickets like Summoner’s Rift, and some map specific tweaks were implemented.

Would you like one of your events to return very soon, or do you prefer others to return?

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