LoL: Patch 13.16 Best Supports

Here are the best supports to play Summoner’s Rift. Will he dominate poke, peeling or engagement? Discover it here.

The support meta has changed dramatically in recent times and continues to find its place in League of Legends Summoner’s Rift. Let’s take a closer look at the top champions that will be partnering with your ADCs in Patch 13.16.

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Improved meta support

According to League of Graph data and based on leagues above Platinum IV, Sona is back at the top of the table, as it was at the start of this season 13. La Virtuosa de las Cuerdas wins 52.7% of games. For his part, Soraka gets a win rate of 52.4%, which is the second best option in terms of win rate.

Appears in third place maokai, which specializes in getting a lot of vision from its saplings and, if built by AP, is a great option for poke. Twisted Treant not only wins 52.3% of their matches, but is also the most dominant bush in the botlane.

Other great options for a support role

The best supports according to League of Graphs
The best supports according to League of Graphs

Coming from the top 3, names like Zerat, Zyra, Tarik, Rakan, Jannah, Rell and Amumu. All of them above 51% win. We see that the metagame of the supp is very variable, but after several versions where poke picks dominated, the peelers returned to the top positions.

Champions that should NOT be used

Milio, Tam Kench, Lulu, Yumi and the Pantheon are downstairs. from the winrate table. If you want to win your games, it’s best to stay away from these champions as none of them exceed 48.5% win rate.

Support Recommendations

  • fill
  • Rakan
  • Xerath
  • maokai
  • Jeanne

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