La Test 229, Anxious Punto Cego del Juicio

In a pivotal moment in the final episode of the Netflix documentary series depp vs herdAmber Heard’s lawyer asked Johnny Depp: “Can you see test 229?, The actor falls into thought, positions himself in the lens, tilts his head toward the screen in front of him, and gazes. Two people are contacted. Hyun joined the black.

Judge Penny Azcarate 229 did not allow for prosecution in court, despite the fact that millions of users were required to witness its contents.

On April 11, 2022, Depp and Heard began filming in Fairfax, Virginia (USA), the first arbitration decision. He was accused of defamation and as a result, filed a counterclaim.

The documentary series is divided into three parts.

With the dollar a fool in conflict, the ex-marriage was executed alive in front of millions of people who, like the Romans in the Coliseum, were trembling with hatred and morbidity. Before each of Depp’s pictures expired due to opiates, winners; Hurd, before each testimonial about a succession of winners.

Everything ended in Depp’s favor socially and economically.

The juror believed the actor, but also relied on the elements of defamation highlighted by “Ms. Heard”. Alla was more than the actress there. aquaman main affect, true, how is that Love Quedo, on JP Young’s famous theme In the air,

Johnny Depp giving a victory salute to his fans in Fairfax. Photo: Reuters

el punto ciego

But, as the title of this article promises, El juicio hallo un punto ciego: la proeba 229. The climax of the Netflix documentary revolves around him.

Heard faced harassment from social networks. Photo: EFE

What is included in this test? This is an exchange of text messages between Heard and Stephen DeutersDepp’s assistant, during 24 and 25 May 2014.

A few hours before the conversation, the wedding had a fierce fight during a flight to Boston. Ella swore offstage that Depp had pawed her on the back that day. it is a deal.

The only witness to the situation was Depp’s assistant. In front of the inquisitive gaze of Heard’s attorneys, Deuters raised her right hand and admitted that she did not remember anything the actress had said. I swear I’ve never seen Johnny pick up his ex-wife.

Here enter the test mentioned in the game.

The portion of the trial in “Depp v. Heard” was referred to as “229”.

judge’s controversial decision

The test was never analyzed in court. Did not affect the decision of the jury. All matters relating to the same thing are outside legal dispute. was a topic of conversation Back,

In court Heard’s attorney said, “After hearing Mr. Depp’s testimony, I asked for Trial 229 to be accepted”, making it clear that it was ineligible. “Los mensages no se presenterón. the judgment did not allow”, the documentary read.

Why didn’t Penny Azkeret disqualify the test? Photo: EFE

In this case more than 6000 documents were disqualified. Esto fue producto de las audiencia previas al juicio en las quelas los juices analysis que es admit e que no. There were too many tests for Depp-Herd, leaving only the essentials for Azkarate to move the tests along quickly.

If anyone needs to see this information, it can be done by making a request to a Virginia court for a significant amount of exchange.

,Why would you keep the tests outside? because they are harmful”, says a member of Law & Crime Sidebara debate about ruling through streaming who appears as a source in Depp v. Heard.

However, the eagerness to discover the truth led many to pay for the documents to be made public, to see what Johnny and Heard were hiding.

The messages that were sent to Heard and Deuters in 2014.

Andrea Burkhart —lawyer and YouTuber—raised $3,300 to declassify more than 6,600 pages showing the infamous Test 229, among other documents. whistling conversation,

from what i could see Law & Crime SidebarThe messages between Hurd and Deuters are as follows:

  • Amber Heard to Stephen Deuters: “If anyone said (to Depp) it was serious he would be horrified. I’m sorry I can’t hide the gravity of what I did earlier (during the flight to Boston). I remember everything that happened.
  • Amber Heard from Stephen Deuters: “I was horrified. When I say I Pateo, I cry.

Memorization: Depp and Deuters both swore that Heard had not suffered a physical assault that day.,

The documentary’s narrators wonder why the judge discouraged conversation that would allegedly reveal that Heard was physically assaulted by Depp. “The court decided that they were irrelevant to the defamation case. We were not sure about or in ourselves certain things which have to be accepted.

Another document revealed in Depp v Heard read that Depp reviewed Deuters’ phone and did not find messages between his assistant and Heard.

Deuters said that the texts had been manipulated.

Deuters, on the other hand, said that the text of the declassified documents had been changed and swore that they had never seen Johnny misbehave with Amber.

The court did not give room for clarification, therefore, the resolution of everything related to test 229 we will see. What would have happened after having declassified documents? How did the deputies demonstrate that the document was forged? Will Amber Heard be able to prove that her ex took her? All of these questions remain open, ones that the documentary, like all of them, could not answer.

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