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Kari celebrates the success of her two productions de la noche del Viernes. a program within Queretaro Experimental Festival in the Delegación Santa Rosa de Jauregui and as another screen drake bell concert at the Teatro de la Ciudad.

“Thank you everyone for your beautiful messages! Los quiero muuuuuuu, estoy muy muy feliz”i wrote queretana singer on it Instagram Stories. singer has performed twice in front of a strange public to promote his debut music album “Sin Meadow”.

on the esplanade of the Santa Rosi Jauregui delegation, In front of a large group of people, “Nomada” “Eres Tu” “Once More”, “Nebula Estellar”, “Nada Es Para Siempre” and shared. “Everything will be fine” with the gift seeker join up with them or with those who once felt alone, with those who united with him light from your cell phone. Finally, and to say goodbye to the audience, I explain for the first time the song that gives the title to their album “Sin Meadow”.

at the Teatro de la Ciudad, through a acoustic set, Kari shared an intimate moment with the audience to interpret “Nomada”; “Todo Va A Estar Bien” “Nada Es Para Siempre” “Cambia La Vida” and “Sin Miedo”, songs that are part of their first album.

Kari launches career as a solo artist during the pandemic After working for a while inside Sony Music Entertainment Mexico Disc. His debut album is composed of 10 songs of his own composition, five of which are already available on streaming platforms, and one Cover of Reilly Barba’s song, “Nada Es Para Siempre”,

In October This is when we can finally hear “Without Fear” in its entirety., Through her Instagram account (@kara.musica), the singer will share the latest details of her music projects and future appearances.

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