Jen Selter does 1 jump rope exercise to get STEEL BUTTOCKS and get rid of bat wings.

Jen Selter is one of the most famous fitness influencers, and the fact is that the 30-year-old woman has a stately body. Through her social networks, the model shares certain exercises that she performs in order to have a spectacular figure. We will tell you about this jump rope exercise that Jen Selter does to get buttocks of steel and get rid of batwings. Best of all, you don’t need to have a professional gym team to achieve the same fitness body as a model.

Do 1 exercise to increase the buttocks and remove the wings of a bat

Among the exercises that Jen Selter usually shares, those that work to increase the buttocks position themselves as favorites of her followers, since they usually easy exercises that will help show the perfect buttocks. In her networks, the model shared a jump rope exercise, which is very easy to perform and very effective in order to showcase an incredible figure.

It’s about crossfit exercises in which you have to move two heavy ropes with your hands while in a squat. This will help you work out the muscles of the buttocks and legs, as well as tone your arms and remove famous bat wingsthat little fat that remains under the armpit.

Exercise for the buttocks
This exercise will help you increase your buttocks and get rid of batwings. Photo: Instagram @jenselter

You can incorporate this movement into your exercise program, or just do 3 sets of 30 seconds while moving the rope in the squat for best results. Don’t forget to combine jen selter exercises with a balanced diet to lead a healthy lifestyle and get a spectacular fitness body.

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