Is it artificial intelligence or maya mary?

In July 2023, I had an exciting announcement by the most recognizable face of the Black Eyed Peas, producer Will.I.M. A new release in collaboration with Britney Spears, the second song published after she regained custody of her own.

However, the advertisement began to raise many doubts. Britney’s voice is heard in the first advance of ‘Mind Your Business’, but some say it’s not hers, but an AI-generated voice-over. The song was also promoted as a continuation of the successful collaboration ‘Scream & Shout’.

Till then everything seemed normal. The first publication revealed that the children were out on 19 July, but was then told that it would be published in the first hour of the day on 21 July.’s Social Network and Britney’s Social Network didn’t publish anything related to the song, so all hopes were thwarted.

If there are many videos of Spears dancing and twerking in front of the publishing cameras on Instagram, there is little promotion in one that tells and informs that in the last few months she worked on her next autobiographical book ‘The Woman in Me’ Is. ,

Ground level it is rare that Britney does not publish anything about this song on the network, it is also very absurd that the official cover of the theme uses a photo of her taken in 2003, it is said, ¡For over 20 years!. In addition, a montage is used in the image in which Britney and Will.I.M. wear some kind of space uniform, but it is clear that everything is the work of Photoshop or artificial intelligence.

I released the song and immediately a lot of followers started mentioning Maiya Marie, but who is she?

¿Queen es maia marie y que tien que ver con Britney Spears?

For the Femme Fatale album, Maia Marie, an American singer and songwriter, was hired by Britney Spears to sing some songs. I was surprised that her voice is very similar to Britney’s, which is why the record label maintains a business relationship with her.

Following the success of Will.I.I.M and Britney Spears’ Scream & Shout, the producer was hired to be the brain behind the Princess of Pop’s eighth album.

Britney Jean was ultimately sold as “Britney’s most personal record”, but when it was published it began to show that the singer’s vocal involvement was minimal and that most of the themes were interpreted by Maia Marie, who There should have been only backing voices.

Mind your own business

Published in 2023, the song features all visions for a Britney Jean album, songwriting credits include Anthony Preston, the man who co-produced this Spears album produced by Will.I.M.

If so, this isn’t the first time that Will.I.I.M has published a new song as a time saver. Let us remember that in 2021 he released the theme Girl Like Me with Shakira under his group Black Eyed Peas, a song that began to be conceived in 2007. Record a video clip and present the interview.

Britney’s universe remains extremely mysterious. Although it is not known how the production of his book was, it is unknown whether he will give interviews again or whether he would like to sing again on a stage in front of his fans.

Music unites us!

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