Intel ARC GPU driver update shows performance improvement

Intel recently provided an update on the development progress of its ARC GPU drivers, noting noticeable performance improvements across a wide range of games. Since releasing its first ARC graphics cards in 2022, Intel has made significant improvements to its GPU drivers, resulting in significant performance improvements, especially in DirectX 9 games. With the latest ARC update, Intel has also made significant improvements in DirectX 11 games.

Intel has implemented many DirectX 9 optimizations in their ARC GPU drivers resulting in performance improvements in various games. On average, Intel claims that these optimizations resulted in a 43% performance improvement. The performance boost varies from game to game, from 10% in games like Guild Wars 2 and For the King to a whopping 77% in games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and CS:GO.

Intel has stated its intention to continue to improve its ARC controllers to get even more performance out of its hardware. This commitment to optimization means that users can look forward to further improvements in the future.

Although Intel is a smaller player in the GPU market, it has managed to convince game developers to use its XeSS artificial intelligence enhancement technology. Over 70 games currently support Intel XeSS technology, and Intel has released driver updates to support 57 recently released games.

Intel’s latest ARC driver update targets DirectX 11 performance improvements, resulting in significant improvements across a wide range of popular games including Apex Legends, Destiny 2, League of Legends, and Overwatch 2. On average, Intel reported a 19% improvement in DirectX 11. gaming performance with an increase from 5% to 33% in different games.

In addition to increasing average frame rates, the latest Intel ARC drivers have also improved frame times in the 99th percentile, resulting in a smoother gaming experience. This means that the minimum frame rate has increased significantly, resulting in a more stable experience.

Intel’s ongoing driver enhancements not only benefit current-generation ARC products, but also set the stage for future graphics architectures such as “Battlemage”. These continuous improvements will help Intel compete more effectively against AMD and Nvidia in the high-end GPU market.

Overall, the Intel ARC GPU drivers have shown significant improvements since their initial release, making the company a stronger competitor. This progress not only benefits Intel, but also has a positive impact on the entire GPU market, setting the stage for Intel’s next-generation Battlemage architecture, which will have a significant impact on the PC gaming industry.

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