Infusion of Lourdes Montes is the most effective for weight loss: it has anti-inflammatory and deflationary effects.

Over time andInstagram has over 177 thousand followers. Lourdes Montes became one of our favorite influencers +40. woman from Francisco Rivera He not only inspires us with his outfits, but he does it natural remedies you use to take care of yourself and show off your body 10.

10 tricks to lose weight and have a flat stomach

That we fall in love with everything we wear is no coincidence. Lourdes Montes looks great in all the outfits she wears. and not only because they are ideal constructions, but also because her slim figure helps a lot when it comes to being our favorite mannequin.

although it one of celebrities more reserved in private life (although little by little she learns to becomeroyal influencer‘ and lets us know more about his personal life), Lourdes Montes shared with us his secret to a flat stomach with whom you can perfectly (and at the age of 39) demonstrate the most special outfits of the summer.


It’s about Homemade Ginger Tea for Weight Loss and Body Support. This is very easy to do and we can do it with products from our trusted supermarket. We are talking about infusion of ginger, cinnamon and lemonwhich we can take as a refreshment in the summer or in the heat, autumn evenings, while we think about what looks We will conquer the streets.

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