I went to lunch at a traditional restaurant in Recoleta, ordered everything and enjoyed it on a swing from the account

A TikTok user exclusively surprised the network by sharing her experience restaurant De Recoleta is located in an old casana. on @vivamosba account, Fabricio suggests that perhaps by chance his eyes fell on the Palacio Barcarce. Along with telling the history of the place, lunch was also shared there and the video went viral.

They ordered an entree with some drinks, raved for what they paid for, and crossed out Duino los: “free food”.

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The palace was inaugurated in 1916 and the beauty of each and every place is surprising. “Walking through the neighborhood of Recoleta, I was crucified with a cartel that indicated the existence of a restaurant At the bottom of a wide pasillo. Then I found out it was Balkar’s Palace”, Fabricio says in the video.

“You can sit down to eat on the patio or The Bell can go up to its beautiful upper floor. The La Carte Mas Que Nada is based on the Italian cuisine, Ciendo Las Pasta Su Fuerte. For starters, we ordered a Buratina with Jamon Crudo and Provoletas. On the other hand, for the mains, we chose the black risotto of sepia and a highly recommended lasagna with langostino and squid tentacles. To top it off, for dessert, we ordered a classic flan and a creme brulee”, he explained of the abundant menu he tasted with his companion.

Video effects at Recoleta’s restaurant

Other than this, Some of the letter prices will be explained in the description of the video Dell restaurant: Lasagna $4,500, Italian Pasta with Pomodoro $3,800, Calabash Capelletti $4,800 and Corvina with Zanahorius Puree $4,700. “On the menu of a meal to be held on Saturday in Midodia and on a march between Jeuves and Viernes,” TikToker said.

In his case, the abundant Almuerzo le Salio $19900, a figure that surprised everyone tasting the large amount of plates. The publication went viral within hours and now has over 80,000 copies. Moreover, it has got over 5,000 likes and all kinds of comments on it. “It is highly recommended”; “Another Happiness I Don’t Know” and “I Believe a Will Smith Movie Was Filmed There”, were just a few of them.

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