I believe I can’t bear the “bad pain”

Britney Spears Once again going through tough times after announcing divorce from Sam AsgarI was very much in love on social networks and after 14 months of marriage the couple’s relationship has ended, as announced a few days ago in a statement; Spears and Asghari met in 2016 while recording the video clip for “Slumber Party”, where he appeared as an actor, and later announced their engagement in 2021 and married in June 2022.

He has been supporting the singer since 2016, when he was still under the tutelage of his priest, Now, following the separation, fans and friends have expressed concern as the singer has only been battling mental health problems, which only escalated. Have been Years ago and I left you to see a message I posted on your social network.

In a video in which she is seen drying her sweats and dancing in a top, mini shorts and short hair, Britney describes how she is feeling at the moment: “I can’t take the pain”, she talks about her divorce. Revealed without reason, because “It’s not Nadi’s business!”, I thought.

“As you all know, Hessam (referring to Asghari) and we are not together… 6 years is a long time to be with someone, so I’m a little surprised, but… I’m here to explain.” Why not, because honestly it’s not a matter of pulse! But honestly I couldn’t bear the pain”, read the beginning of your message.

The mastermind portal TMZ’s children divorced exclusive, and the next day media such as the British BBC, acknowledged the petition Asgari filed before a Los Angeles court and quoted “irreconcilable differencesas the reason for the separation.

In the message, Britney is honest and admits that she feels sad, and even though everything looks perfect on her Instagram, it’s not:

“In some telepathic way I’ve been getting so many heartbreaking messages from friends and I’m grateful! I’ve been working too hard for too long and my Instagram may look perfect but it’s far from reality and I feel We all know this! I would love to show my emotions and tears how I really feel, but for some reason I always have to hide my weaknesses!”

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari met in 2016 when he appeared in her son’s music video for “Slumber Party” and began a relationship immediately. Photo: Instagram.

Spears mentions her family, from whom she is estranged, and laments that she cannot have their unconditional love and company; Although he assures you that he will settle further.

“If I wasn’t my father’s strongest soldier, he would send me to places where doctors would manage me! But that’s when my family needed it most! If you must be loved unconditionally… no conditions Aisi que sere lo fuerte que pueda y hare lo major quo pueda!

In 2021, Spears ended the mechanism by which the singer’s priest had held the reins of her finances and personal life for nearly 14 years, a process in which Asghari was at her side and sympathized with the singer’s fans. Free from the shackles, the “Baby One More Time” singer has let the content on her network speak for itself as fans have questioned her mental health, prompting the artist to delete her comments.

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