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I’m writing this in early August, right after breakfast, at a table with plates of fruit, quesos, huevos pasados ​​por agua, sausages and liters of coffee. Every once in a while there’s old news that doesn’t matter anymore, but then we read them with the rhythmic mismatch of summer.

It empties out while saving memories for the winter, as if the ant nurse spent all year coming up with anoranja pictures of cicadas and listening to Cameron. A. Immortalizes almost everything, an appetizer under an airy canopy with chubasqueros and cutiascas and muchas canes and some wine. He says that then, on a flight to Mexico, where he lives, he enjoys seeing pictures of his village and its people, as the children fall asleep, and cry. R. postia A photo on Instagram with the wish: “I never want to forget this afternoon…”. En el bar de abajo hasen shifts esta verano dos chicas de años 17 años. I know that soon after we wake up, the party panuelos will be weighed and they will go to any town on the coast until dawn. Then I wake up.

How beautiful are the memories of summer, what a feeling to be able to have it all.

We’ve titled the issue ‘Great Expectations’, but we’re not talking here, never mind, of possibilities to reset, to discover new objectives, to ‘get back to paste’, that’s a terrible phrase. When not used in children under 12 years of age. No, here we find out how to turn off the heat for a while and for that we bring together several committed and powerful (not overpowered) women who take the heat inside, understand it for what it is: to do it. The feeling of being able to see all, or at least the photos, saved for when it was on the Quaiden days, and find strength.

Sidney Sweeney answered our call in awful time. He will read in the interview that he created with delicacy and craft Irene Crespo, who told how in only 25 years he established a production company, besides starring in risky series. Excitement hey White lotus, Earlier I had to go 3 to 10 times a week castings where they recycle. Judelyn’s titleholder would also read: “I Think I Made Myself”. You’ll see Olivia Molina with the accumulated wisdom, perspective, and foresight to not turn back because letting go is like some call for life’s pause. Not that.

We also bring up some goodies: Mela Pabon’s impending collaboration, the Puerto Rican woman who reads horoscopes on Instagram in her own way, and Bob Pop Tribune debunking the myth of the adequate diva. There is a lot of material to feed in September. And yet for a few days we continued into the summer, if you can quote it, if you allow us before we get too cynical about it all, and there we go with Camus and his summer is invincible: “I returned there to see this pristine beauty, a young sky, and contemplated my success, finally understanding that the memory of this sky had never left me during the worst years of our madness. Have to keep it, we will miss it.

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