Heard vs. Depp; El Juicio Makes Content Creators Grupo Milenio Millions

Johnny Depp’s Verdict Against Amber Heard Was Uin the biggest event that han existed on the internet, so during For several weeks this topic has been trending on different social networks.

pero no solo aso, pues Documentary ‘Deep We Heard’ reveals thank you so much Content creators have made millions of dollars.

is a journalist of technology katherine tannbarge queen esegura How many? Users will use this theme for development and monetization its content.

“There are creators on platforms like YouTube who previously knew about visits with videos of anything, music, video games or art, suddenly on this decision to start publishing, videos that do well with Johnny Depp. Kind of gone, because they’re the only ones people want to see and make money for the first time in history.”

¿Prohibition of stopping amber?

Documentary film does not take sides and alone Sample how did the trial go from them Social NetworksPeople went full throttle in support of Depp

“Until recently there was a video supporting Amber, the whole platform was on Johnny’s side,” assures Catherine.

Similarly, he also states Self-censorship came from the creators material for Don’t Support Ember, Because They Aren’t On Les Gustava A Los Internotas

“I’ve heard from creators themselves that if someone comments that they have a neutral position, they believe Ember is an immediate victim, they are harassed and threatened in the comments, any Ember Doesn’t want to speak in support of Hurd”

network effect on court

The event was huge and was broadcast live for over 200 hours, Journalists waited to exit while several cameras broadcast what happened.

Millions of people commented and reacted to the statements, but even there were people who edited parts From statements to parodies Which for some people was a pass from reality.

what social media consultant mat Navarre Who The trial sure has turned into a media circus.

“There is a circus of comments going on on social networks by creators, influencers and fans, I believe the truth was lost on social networks a while back”

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