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We spend a good part of our lives in the bathroom. sleep. The distribution of furniture, the choice of mattress and pillow, as well as the conditions of the indoor environment are key aspects to get the most out of this sector of the house in order to sleep well and enjoy a relaxing holiday.

The bedroom is one of the rooms in the house where we spend the most time, according to some estimates, averaging 20 to 25 years of our lives. However, we do not pay due attention to this, because most of the time we spend there in a dream, explain at Kronos Homes (KH).



In order to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, feel good and have enough energy to cope with the difficulties of everyone, eating right and exercising is just as important as getting good rest, both physically and mentally, and enjoy quality sleep.

According to various studies, adequate and regular sleep reduces the risk of diseases, strokes, heart attacks and body weight, reduces stress levels, improves mood, improves concentration, increases productivity and helps to consolidate memories and learn, as well as make better decisions.

To take care of your body and stay healthy, it’s important to get regular sleep, “which has to do with sticking to a schedule with enough time in bed,” explains Dr. Elena Urrestarazu, NYU Sleep Specialist. Navarre (CUN)

Regular sleep schedules, in sync with our internal biological clock that regulates bodily processes throughout the 24 hours, promotes quality sleep that performs better in its repair, detoxification, or memory consolidation functions,” adds Dr. Angela Milan, Sleep Specialist at CUN.

To sleep better, these experts recommend abstaining at the end of the day and a few hours before bedtime from certain activities that make it difficult to rest, such as exposing yourself to light from electronic screens; engage in intense physical exercise; eat caffeinated foods (coffee, tea or chocolate), eat very large, spicy or sweet meals, and abuse alcohol.

“Sleep quality can be affected by a variety of factors, and science has identified several aspects that can contribute to restful sleep, from sleep patterns to darkness and room temperature, while remembering to choose the right mattress and pillow.” say experts Raquel Leiros Rodriguez from the University of León and Anxela Soto Rodriguez from the Galician Health Service in Spain.

What aspects are important?

– This room is necessary not only for rest and be healthy, but it has become a versatile space where children play and learn, and adults use it to relax, meditate, watch TV, listen to music, or spend time reading or intimacy with their partner.

– In the bedroom not recommended to have many plants (they absorb oxygen at night), rugs and carpets (promote the reproduction of dust mites that cause allergies) and bright saturated colors (they stimulate, not relax), as well as curtains or blinds and translucent (let too much light in). ), according to K.Kh.

“To ensure quality sleep and rest, it is important that our bedroom, the most personal and intimate room in the house, is a space that helps revitalize us and improve the quality of lifeaccording to experts in health and environmental comfort of the European company Kronos Homes (KH).

— To sleep well and rest, KX recommends Maintain room temperature between 64 and 71 degrees Fahrenheit and between 50 and 70 percent humidity, using a humidifier if necessary.

– It is also desirable to leave dim lighting, darkening the room, and isolate yourself from loud external noisefor which it may be useful to install soundproof windows and curtains, according to this source.

– They also recommend ventilate the bedroom daily for at least 10 minutespreferably in the morning and with rough air, and avoid the presence of many plants in the room, since at night they absorb some of the oxygen, and some types of plants can contribute to the development of allergies.

It is important to take care of the characteristics of the bed. (Kronos Homes)

The mattress should be firm but not hard.with the necessary firmness to support our body without sinking; bed should be quiet avoid unpleasant sounds at night; and the pillow should not be too thick, low or soft, and should allow the head to be in line with the neck without straining it.

In addition, KH specialists offer several suggestions for planning and decorating a healthy bedroom:


Ideally, the bed should be at least 120 centimeters (cm) wide if one person is going to use it, and at least 150 cm if two people are going to sleep on it. Placing it in front of or parallel to a window with a good view can help you wake up in a better mood, they add.


It is advisable to have a bedside table on each side of the bed, leaving at least 60 centimeters of free space on the sides of the mattress so that you can move freely.


The wardrobe should be located at least a meter from the bed, which will allow you to freely open its doors. If this distance is less, it is recommended that the wardrobe has sliding doors. Its interior should be a flexible space that allows shelves (shelves) to be separated, accommodating every need, according to K. H.


Custom-made furniture allows you to leave free space in the rooms and use it more efficiently, which is especially interesting for children’s bedrooms who need more freedom to study, move or play.

bunk beds

Bunk beds are ideal if two siblings live in the same room. A “train type” with slightly offset beds is more comfortable and offers the advantage of having storage space at the bottom.


This type of table must be at least 120 cm long and 60 cm wide, choosing a fixed table with legs or a folding model made from a wooden plank cut to size, depending on the characteristics of the room in which it is located. install


Shelves must be fixed to the wall to give them stability, and it is not recommended to place them too high or very close to windows if small children sleep in the bedroom. According to KH, its shelves must be at least 30 centimeters deep to be useful.


Headboards give the bedroom a more personal touch. If they are “stone” (masonry walls) made to measure, they can be used for storage or as a shelf to leave, for example, an alarm clock or a book.

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