He worked 700 consecutive days during the pandemic and now worries about something else, but mental health | Points to the point

bouquets: newcovid virus. HEcallseg5 and is responsible forincrease in cases hereUnited States. somebodyWhatknows almost everything about himCOVID-19This is Dr. Joseph Vaon.he is a professor of medicineVUniversity of Houston andbrought during the pandemicpatients were followed up foralmost2 years. he is the authorfromthis new bookadventuredoctorwow thanks for being youHere.congratulations on the thanks forinvitation.bouquets: coming soonVSpanish right?from700 consecutive daysJobagainst covid duringVpandemic?boy: first of alland, perhapsthe most important thing is thatI found outwaiting in the statesjoinedafter having liveddecadesHere. I realized thatthisthe disease wasdiseasethat it was poeticillness that waspoliticized.because we didn’t havemessage,it was a messagehomogeneouseveryone said thatwanted.people foughthuge because one was a prothisor against it andReallyit’s not what you areyou expect in the urinefirst as they sayjoined.bouquets: what was the messageWhatwe all had to continue in thatmoment?boy: look, message fromunion. message in whichVknowledge-intensive peopleVpeople who were onavant-gardepatients, these were people whoI should have saiddeaswhat they said or didn’t saydo.the politicians had nothingwhat to do about it, they didn’t havewhy bother or people whonothing more dedicated to seethingsfrom point of viewstatistics. not reallyI had…bouquets: discussion aboutvaccine. there’s a reason for everythingHeThe world had an opinionvaccine. some went outotherNo.boy: all about vaccines,ivermectin. I mean,MaybeTalk about 20,000 and one thing.Toafter all, people don’tI knew what to do because hePresident Trump gaveThing, the CDC said one thing,VFDA saw and gave you somethingdifferent from CDC. Hedoctorfauci saw, said one thingAndthen changed my mind3once. people listenedVthe things we gaveNothey knew who to trust.Ramos: A new pandemic is coming?you have to prepare foranotherpandemic?boy: lookI think soa pandemic is coming, buta pandemic is comingWhatit will be a pandemicwe have effectslongthe first pandemic thatfromthat we had to leavepeople unfortunatelylocked in their homespsychological problems thattoday we haveWhat will we see, I thinkArise from the pointviewinfectious, ifpandemics. Hopenext pandemic let’s be togethera little more alert anda little more organizedfromgeneral point of view.unionmedical workersForbe able to move forwardbouquets: what’s newoption? does eg5care?boy: look, eg5 isoption, taking aboutout of 17% of cases,we look atjoined. there are somereception,but not personallyIit worries me as much as i dodisturbed delta. 2 reasonsTothat I don’t care.Vfirst of all, that’s too muchPeoplebethe immunity that acquired itbecause he gave them sicknessorimmunity because somethe moment they were vaccinated.second,many such optionsacebright and uniquethose who beat themstrong agents whohavepre-existing conditionsserious. and that’s whyNowi think we shouldchangea little focus driveacute, possibly reversalprevention, make sureVpeople with diseasesconical yes goodfight against these diseasesconical, from his diabetes,from himhypertension, thingsHestyle.bouquets: in the end I askon know very welllinahidalgo, leadercountythe greatest of the Texans, whoHEwill be absent due to problemsmental health. like thisproblemmental health is usaffects everyone afterVpandemic? what’s happenedconsequences?boy: looklet’s see, for example,VconsequencesWe had isolationfromblocking, missingfromsocial interaction. whenfrompeople like lina hidalgo,hadshe, the work of beingdrive what we wereMaking one day and another dayII tell you,professionalshealth that I wasI cried in the middle of the daybecausethings were and thisgoesinfluence and I don’t thinkUnited Statesreadybecause of the health pandemicmental.bouquets: doctor thank you forbewith us. bookcallshunter’s adventureCOVID-19. thank you very much.bouquets: and coverbookit’s unusual. Tocome back,

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