He comes to the water that Paredes de Caura made –

I never thought I’d be writing such a chronicle of him Vodafone Paredes De Kaura, But Ayr, one of our favorite festivals, I made water. In many and varied senses.

The third season of Paredes de Cura began at the last minute in June, after the organization announced the cancellation of The Last Dinner Party. Due to the health problem of one of its members, he was unable to attend the celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of Vodafone Paredes de Cora, he was replaced by Maquina. The Portuguese band will perform a double performance, a concert at the Villa followed by a postrock set on the Yorn stage.

We started on the yarn stage in the afternoon, in the rain transatlantic express, Composed by Gaspar Varela on Portuguese guitar, Sebastiao Varela on electric guitar and Rafael Matos on drums, this Lisbon band fuses Portuguese popular music with vocals from across the ocean.

tras elos, already on the main stage, we find Domi and JD Beck, A young jazz proposition that is shining internationally thanks to the mastery of Domi Luna on piano and JD Beck on drums. The duo rose to fame after a collaboration with Ariana Grande, after which they worked with other artists such as Bruno Mars or Mac DeMarco. Without a doubt, one of the trendiest proposals in the contemporary landscape, as evidenced by its Grammy nomination. But yes, friends, during the rain we spent more than two hours on instrumental music, which was very suitable for the voice of a young man with a pronounced penchant for rock. Without a doubt, the energy began to shift, and not for the better.

Behind them I found the only light in such a gloomy day: love like this, Since the first chord the audience thirsty for jumps, smiles and great guitars has been hooked. The Americans’ proposal can be classified by the public as postpunk and cheesy. Viskerlydad, when Echo Mars’s (vocalist of the band) guitar started to malfunction and he decided to address the public or get angry at his partner’s battery. Visibility and passion on a rainy afternoon that was kept very close to the top.

Back on the Vodafone forum we find one of the most interesting names of the day: young lean, Born on Tumblr, Leanne was deemed a cliché, someone who aspires to be Travis Scott but, as Pedro Sanchez treats himself, a supervillain. Now it’s on the main stage in front of an audience (much younger than usual for this venue) numbering in the thousands.

Para Nosotros, Agenos al Cloud Rap, Thrillwave, Sad Trap, Las Canes Arizona and Habiendo Overcedo Windows 95 and Tumblr, young lean We were really cold because of the rain on the slopes of Tabao. We don’t feel that we connect, we don’t feel included and we don’t feel that Leanne wanted us to be included: He knows we’re not his audience, we know he’s not our artist.

my last hope was placed on me black midiWho started their concert on the rhythm of ‘Between the heavy rain’.Slow‘ by Elvis Crespo. At that moment we asked ourselves which gods have we offended that one day we will have to suffer like this. Rain, wind, neo-jazz, Elvis Crespo… will black midi save us from getting burned? The answer is clear: no. His new proposal went amid chaos, humor, and performance, and no, we weren’t in the mood, so we decided to watch his concert, gather our things, and go like tears in the rain.

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