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Britney Spears’ love life is once again in the headlines. Regarded as one of the most outstanding stars in the music industry, the singer has had her highs and lows in her emotional life. During her career, she featured in relationships that captured the attention of both the public and the media.

Sam Asghari threatened Britney Spears with “disgraceful revelations” publicly, but changed the prenuptial agreement and the singer hired Kim Kardashian’s lawyer

A few days ago it became known that the interpreter of “Womanizer” separated from Sam Asgari, who was her husband during the last 14 months. The actor and model has joined the list of “princesa del pop” broken relationships.

britney spears love

One of the most iconic novels of Britney was her relationship with Justin Timberlake, who shared four years of her life.

Justin Timberlake

Their love story started when they were both young and promising actors in the entertainment industry. However, despite their apparent connection, the relationship eventually fizzled out, surprising fanatics and followers.

Although she did not mention the reasons for the breakup in Justin’s “Cry Me a River” video and their subsequent behavior, she spread rumors that Spears had cheated on her. However, Page Six says this was never confirmed.

jason alexander

After breaking up with Timberlake, Britney surprised the world by briefly marrying Jason Alexander. This fleeting marriage lasted only 55 hours before it was annulled. It was a controversial moment that forced many to question the singer’s judgement.

‘Divorce would be devastating for Britney (Spears)’: Sources claim the ‘Princess of Pop’ and Sam Asghari live in a toxic relationship

kevin federline

Britney’s longest-lasting marriage was with dancer Kevin Federline, with whom they had two sons, Sean Preston and Jayden. Despite the joy of motherhood, the relationship with Federline also had difficulties and eventually ended in divorce.

Sam Asghari

It seems that Britney has found love and stability in her relationship with Sam Asghari. They met on the sets of his music video “Slumber Party” in 2016 and have been inseparable ever since. Sam becomes a great support to Brittany in her personal and professional battles after her father overcomes her guardianship.

(PHOTOS) Britney Spears and Sam Asgari got married despite separation from the singer’s first husband

However, their relationship didn’t seem so solid, as soon after celebrating their first anniversary, TMZ reported that the couple had split due to alleged infidelity on the singer’s part.

Britney’s other relationships

While the artist has had serious romances, the Page Six portal highlights that she also experimented with other relationships, which had a huge impact on her life. One of these was a brief encounter with actor Colin Farrell, whom she met on the set of the 2003 film “SWAT”.

The previously mentioned meant that Britney and Colin attended the premiere of “The Recruit” and even though they were photographed together, the Irish actor made it clear that he was not officially out.

Britney also had romances with her dancer Columbus Short and music producer JR Rotem, who moved on after her divorce from Federline.

In addition, she also had a relationship with Adnan Ghalib, whom she met in late 2007, shortly after beheading and acting in an incident with a paparazzi when he crashed his car in Paraguay.

Britney Spears announces release date for her memoir ‘The Woman in Me’

Her former manager Jason Trawick is also on her list of romances. He even had to compromise with her, but the couple never made it to the altar. After ending that relationship, I moved in with attorney David Lucado, but it all came to an end when the singer discovered he was allegedly cheating on her with another woman.

In 2014, Britney was in a relationship with Charlie Ebersol, the son of ‘Saturday Night Live’ co-creator. A year later, the singer confessed to People magazine that she found him “really cute,” but they eventually split. According to a source close to Ebersol, he moved in with her “for the wrong reasons”.

Now the music star is single once again and as of now he has not given any official statement about his separation. (And)

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