Exhibition of Famous and Their Children: Rethinking from Experience

Today, social networks have taken up much more than cell phone memory. The use of these applications will be generalized in such a way that sometimes there is a cost in creating awareness about the content published, especially if it involves minors.

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In a week where human rights have taken a prominent place on the debating tables with the slogan “no se negogan no se wenden”, it is important to celebrate the decision of some celebrities to let their loved ones stay on social networks until their death. Don’t expose until they do. Ability to decide if they do not want to be shown publicly.

In short, National Law 26.061 states that the rights of children, girls and adolescents include the protection of their privacy and their image and, first of all, it is families who must demand that this law be complied with.

Some famous people who are between the ages of 30 and 40 now know firsthand what exposure without consent means, only now that the damage it can do to their image is being broadcast in full on the network.

Cande Tinelli and Alex Caniggia: Two Exhibition Figures

Last month, Cande Tinelli passed Caja Negra, Julio Leiva’s interview cycle, and told that he will not be in the 2023 Bailando because he does not want to be exposed to the media “for that game”. “It is a type of exhibition that I did not choose today”, he assured.

Joaquin Furiel and why he didn't show his daughter: "We don't need to dress him

When she went to school, she felt that it was different from the rest. He took patrons everywhere, but he noticed that his peers didn’t have that level of security. “I got used to it, but I felt it was different. I always thought it was something bad, until I was processing it”, commented.

In a conversation with the journalist, the singer revealed that he was very scared when he used to play with his father Marcelo at work: “I never wanted to be too visible, I used to hide. The videomatch floor for me was the ‘Meadow’. I was always in the dresser or under my sister’s control.”

In line with these statements, Melody Luz, who has recently become a mother for the first time, talks about the harm caused by the exposure of minors on social networks. The ballerina took as an example her boyfriend Alex Caniggia, who suffered the consequences of a public life from a very young age due to having famous parents.

At the moment, despite the insistence of the people, both prefer not to show the face of their child. “I am very worried about when we are going to show Venezia. It’s not something that we’ve defined at the moment. Alex was born in between. I was exposed from a very young age. You will also have your own reasons for not showing it and you will also show the truth. Hey muchas malas vibras. Al no exponentla, esas energias eston lejos”, identified Melody in an Instagram story.

At the same time, the young man questioned “what is normalized” that people have to see childhood on social networks: “It is not known what is done with these photos and videos, what is the decision of the minor, if you To like it or not to show” in the same way, and while her face is not shown, Venezia already has her own Instagram account with more than 91 thousand followers.

Celebrities who are aware and choose the other way

The media is full of kids or famous kids who know firsthand what it means to be publicly exposed. There are also figures who, due to their work, have already experienced the consequences of media exposure and do not want their children to experience this effect from an early age.

Dario Barassi (who uploads pictures of his girls, but bending his back or slapping his face with stickers), Camilo and Ivaluna Montaner (who published several videos of Indigo, but none showed his face), Cases like Ed Sheeran, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik, Lindsay Lohan, among others, decide not to show their children unless they choose they want to do so. Or not. Even some of them choose to show very little of their personal lives, but use the network for work.

Dario Barassi and his daughter Ines (screenshot)
Dario Barassi and his daughter Ines (screenshot)

At the same time, there are also celebrities like Barbie Franco and Fernando Berlando, Nazarena and Barbie Vélez, China Suarez, Pampita, Benjamin Vicuña, Noelia Marzol, Luciana Salazar, who do not take extra precautions and share photos on social networks. and videos with their kids on Instagram and TikTok or even taking them to events where there are media and influencers who eventually expose them to their web platforms.

Luciana Salazar and her daughter Matilda (screenshot)
Luciana Salazar and her daughter Matilda (screenshot)

Security and privacy on social networks remains an important point for society as a whole, but even more so for celebrities whose lives are in high public display. There are recognized people in the media who take care of the image of minors, it is a meaningful action and awareness that is involved in the work done by various institutions in terms of rights of girls, boys and adolescents.

It will be necessary to review what has been published because, as Melody Luz says, we do not know what has been done with this material, whatever it may be. In addition to taking into account the consumption of what children do on the Internet, one should think about what each individual does on their social networks to generate a positive contagion effect and reduce the presence of minors in a world that I just know. ,

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