Estopa has all the time surprised his fans with impromptu performances

The Muñoz brothers want to speak for 25 years after forming their famous group towing,

In the current situation also the brothers are active and have gone on set with no plans On many occasions, encouraging all present, wherever they are.

The festival of Zarza-Capilla (Extremadura) has recently been held, the village that saw the Muñoz brothers flourish. During the celebration of your local festival, towing i went up to the stage and to mend herd by herd, One of your most familiar subjects, the vase is still in your hand.

This type of surprise appearance by the group is relatively infrequent, so David and Jose don’t know how to liven it up. party where you are,

playing in chiringuito

Levan la music en la sangre y esta verano 2023 no pudieron pudieron se ajar en un chiringuito de cornela de lobregate, Cash Caravan was versioned with several songs. towing As you warm hey you are the king of falda until the musicians came in the door.

towing Surprised the lead singer of Cash Caravan, and after expressing his surprise with a “prostitute hostess”, le sedio su microphone, It didn’t take a second to gain confidence and sing at the top of your lungs brake pads Among the winners of the assistantships.

Like Cameroon at the Feria de Sevilla

On April 24, 2023, David and Jose Muñoz arrived in Seville.

In one of his walks through the casitas of the Feria de Abril, he reached the place where Carlos Latre and Tony Moreno were. Before his unexpected appearance, the musicians stopped their performance and leave scenery bury for towing,

assistants started singing “Que yo se la smile que se dibuza en me cara”. Los Hermanos Muñoz filed a case at the request of their fans and finished singing like a shrimpOne of his most famous subjects which was followed whole heartedly by all.

Bachelor party

Last year in May 2022, the band was a participant in a bachelor party Tenerife Airport,

the promiser started singing el caloro a cigarette and a cafe retado for your friends towing listened to you Without being aware

The future husband keeps on clapping and chanting, without realizing that his idols are right in front of him. finally son muñoz who is brother le quita el antifaz All I could say with the eyes of my admirer was “Hostia Puta, the mother who gave birth to me”.

After a few seconds of disbelief, the hand was gone and a hug still in progress with an ear-to-ear smile on his face.

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